3 Reasons To Avoid Buying Cheap Wooden Furniture

The world we currently live in, is the world of mass production. What do we mean by this? Mass production is all around us – it’s our clothing, our gadgets, smart devices, cars, toys – basically everything we’re able to see around us. However, one of the things that are also a part of mass production are the elements of interiors in our homes.

You have most certainly seen a chair on Instagram or Pinterest that you liked and you thought for yourself that you need to get it right away, because it would fit your space so well. This is how the furniture market grew over the years to what it is today – a gigantic market with innumerable brands, offers, prices, details and finally – qualities.

When people buy a house or an apartment for themselves, they first hire an interior designer and collaborate with him in order to create the home of their dreams. That interior designer usually helps them find the pieces they like, that would match their lifestyle and their personality. Considering the fact that home is a place where you should feel cozy, comfortable and safe, this means that people put a tremendous amount of effort into the interior and exterior of their home, or in other words – they put a lot of energy into what their house is going to look like.

However, not everyone is interested in hiring an interior designer. If you want to decorate your home by yourself, it can easily become overwhelming to choose furniture, accessories and other elements of your interior. What’s the reason behind this? The answer is simple – not only there are so many brands and different manufacturers when it comes to furniture, but all these brands are producing furniture that’s different in quality, type and price. Making the initial investment is never a small thing to do. This is why people often choose certain alternatives because they cannot afford to invest large amounts of money in their furniture, after they just invested money in purchasing a property; or it’s at least what they think should be done, even if they have enough money to invest more.

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But is it really the right thing to do? Is saving money on your furniture something that would save your money in general? According to many surveys, there are a lot of reasons for avoiding furniture alternatives or in other words – choosing the cheaper options.

When speaking about wooden furniture this is even more relevant. Wooden furniture is specific for several reasons. If it’s low quality, this type of furniture is the first on the list to get damaged, rotten and finally thrown away. Plastic and other synthetic materials are much longer lasting than cheap wood. Even if the wooden piece of furniture is good quality, there could potentially be some hidden dangers such as pests or hidden visual damage. This means that by investing more initially you’re actually saving your money since over the long course of years, you won’t need to replace the furniture you’ve already bought. You can do it only if you feel like it, or if it’s not aesthetically pleasing for you anymore.

According to www.kalustofurniture.co.uk, your highest priority when it comes to wooden furniture in your home should be to look at things long term. What do we mean by this? By purchasing cheap pieces, such as for example – your bed frame, your chairs or your dining table and chairs, you will probably save some money at first and you have a somewhat beautiful space. However, according to many surveys, comments and reviews, it has been proven that shortly after it (doesn’t necessarily need to mean it’s a couple of months later – it can be a couple of years later), you will probably see some issues and this type of furniture will get damaged, so you will need to to either fix it or replace it with new furniture.

On the other hand, it’s been proven that more expensive options last longer and they stay undamaged. This is why craftsmanship was always highly valued because it not only offers quality and longevity but also offers beautiful furnishes and uniqueness.

These are the top reasons why you shouldn’t choose cheap wooden furniture:

1. You Can Tell It’s Cheap

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Although some people may assure you that cheap furniture looks completely the same as high-end furniture, don’t get tricked – this is definitely not the case. When you look closely you will be able to notice the difference. Maybe this is a small difference, maybe those are all the details but it sure is visible. Some of the things you will first notice especially when it comes to wooden pieces is the color of the wood.

The color of the word will tell you a lot. What do we mean by this? If your chair is Oak or other expensive type of wood, you will recognize the unique color it has and there will be no need for some unnatural colors or different polishes that would ruin it’s natural beauty. On the contrary, wooden materials such as softwood or laminates will probably have ugly varnish and you will be able to tell that it’s cheap. If you care about your aesthetics this will not be a good option for you.

2. The Worst Is Yet To Be Discovered

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If you’re a fan of vintage pieces or second-hand furniture it is a good thing.

However if you want to equip your house with this kind of furniture you need to be extremely careful and you need to put in even more energy and effort compared to purchasing new furniture. Why is this? Unfortunately, a lot of used furniture on the market is being sold with damage. This damage can be unnoticeable at first which is the biggest problem for a buyer. After you’ve got a chair or a bed, you can discover some unpleasant visitors such as bed bugs or termites, and this is one of the worst things that can happen to your home – they’re not only bad for the rest of your furniture but they’re also bad for your health. This is why you may want to go only with new furniture, save your time, money and worries: because if you find out that the furniture you bought is damaged this way, the only thing you can do is to throw it away.

3. Pay Less Then Pay More

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When purchasing cheap furniture or used furniture, you never know what could happen in future. Some would say this is a risky thing to do because you gamble with how much time your furniture will last. It’s been proven that high-end or expensive furniture lasts for decades, while cheaper used furniture could have hidden issues, could get broken or damaged 5 days, 2 months or a year from now. For example, if the furniture you’ve bought had some structural damage you didn’t notice at first, you will need to fix it. Upholstering or reupholstering your furniture is pretty expensive, which means that you end up investing even more money that you’ve planned beforehand. Finally, this means that even if you thought you’re going to save some money at first – you end up paying more and this is definitely something you want to avoid.

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