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Quotes meaning:

If I were to define quote, I would say it means to repeat what someone has said. Quotes are the words said or written by people.

The use of quotes is very normal in the 21st century. Everybody has liked, heard or posted a quote in their lifetime.

These words are so powerful that it may inspire, provoke, or make you feel nostalgic.

Some quotes are so powerful that it can send someone to depression or bring someone out of the depression.

“It’s how you feel and relate yourself with the quote.”


Caption meaning:

A caption can be anything that you write with the picture/ video.

A caption can be just something you have written or a quote from someone else.

Quotes and Captions are not the same yet they may look the same if you are posting a quote as a caption somewhere.

Mantavya brings all these quotes and captions for you.

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If you are active on social media, you’ll agree that these quotes and captions are a part of our lives.

“We kind of live with them or they live with us!”

– Mantavya

Types of Quotes & Captions:

As I said quotes are written or said by people. These are powerful influencing words that can be of anyone.

There isn’t a perfect categorization for quotes and captions, but here are some categories that have emerged over the internet in past some years:

Love Quotes : Love quotes are liked by love birds. Whether it’s one-sided or two-sided, these quotes give you words to express how you feel.

Life Quotes: Some of us are practical and just wanna enjoy the ride of this life with our experiences. These quotes are often about advice.

Writing Quotes: You’ll notice these quotes while enjoying your favorite books.

Inspiration Quotes: Quotes that inspire you to do something you like. These are one of the most sought quotes by people all over the world.

Religion Quotes: Some quotes are for a certain religion. They won’t fit if you tell it a person from a different religion. These are religious quotes or religion quotes.

Self Improvement Quotes: These quotes are on self motivation for improving self.

Success Quotes: Quotes that talk about achieving success fall under this category. These quotes often have “success” words in them.

Life Lessons Quotes: Some quotes come from very experienced life coaches/mentors or great personalities. These are life lesson quotes.

Relationships Quotes: Quotes that give you valuable suggestions on relationships or something relatable when you are in a relationship. Like Deep Love Quotes For Her

Motivational Quotes: My favorite! These push you to take action and give your best.

Time Quotes: No one has control over time. Quotes around the flow of time are time quotes.

Knowledge Quotes: Quotes that enrich your current knowledge.

Spirituality Quotes: Quotes that are around optimism and written believing that there’s a force in the universe that has control over everything.

Science Quotes: These quotes are brainy! Often science-words are used to express the things and these you will mainly find by great scientists.

Books Quotes: The funny part is that books quotes aren’t taken from the books, but are around the books.

Game Quotes: These are based on famous games. Like Libert Prime Quotes

Education Quotes: These quotes are about learning and educating.

Humor Quotes: These quotes are often sarcastic but humorous too.

Movie Quotes: Based on the famous movie and dialogues used by a character in it. Like Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas Quotes

Philosophy Quotes: These are kind of guiding principles. Anyone can make them!

God Quotes: Quotes mentioning god and then expressing the ideas come in God Quotes. Like Lord Shiva Quotes.

Inspirational Quotes: Inspiring words! Like Gaur Gopal Das Quotes

Truth Quotes: Confession! Reality and sometimes harsh!

Wisdom Quotes: These quotes often tell how you should act wisely in a situation.

Romance Quotes: These are to express love.

Poetry Quotes: These are written in poetic ways and sound melodious.

Death Quotes: God forbid! These are how one feels when someone leaves the world.

Happiness Quotes: To push you to be happy and spread happiness.

Hope Quotes: These are to lift you up and make you optimistic.

Faith Quotes: These are based on personal believes. One may relate to it while others may not.

Famous People Quotes: Quotes written by eminent personalities fall under Famous People Quotes.

Entrepreneur Quotes: People who love startups and businesses, love these quotes. These are often by very successful people.

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