5 Reasons Why You Are So Bad At Writing Essays – 2024 Guide

Are you one of the students who can write even the simplest essay? The confusion begins immediately you see the first line of instruction. You spend all your days in the library yet end up with a terrible grade? Regardless of the topic, some students will still fail. According experts can help you craft a winning paper and propel you to the top of your class.

A bright student accepts his weaknesses. It is especially important to appreciate your inability to write essays because they form a bulk of your assignments in college. Why are you so bad at writing essays and is there a solution to this problem? Here are a few expert insights that will help you improve on essay writing skills.

1. You do not spend enough time to understand the prompt

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Every word or paragraph you write should be informed by the prompt provided by your tutor. If you miss any point on the prompt, you end up taking the wrong direction and losing marks in the process. Remember that your tutor marks your paper based on the instructions provided by the prompt.

Review the prompt several times before commencing your paper. It will tell you the approach you should give to the paper, including the technical language to use, formatting, citations, and structure. For instance, instructions may require you to use Chicago, APA, or MLA format. Each formatting style will result in a different paper. Failure to follow these instructions results in punitive penalties that you would better avoid.

Your tutor is available for consultation in case you do not understand any instructions. You may also turn to samples and examples that guide you on how to execute the instructions. Another option is to hire a professional writer who will draft the paper on your behalf.

2. You are distracted while writing

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An academic paper is so intense that it requires full concentration. Pay attention to every word and sentence you write. Focus on the ideas you discuss in the paper so that they are compelling. Such attention results in highly insightful papers. However, this will not happen if you are distracted.

Distractions take your mind away from the idea you are trying to formulate. You will miss the right words or expressions to capture the idea, resulting in a weak argument. Distractions also result in disjointed discussions because your thought process was interrupted.

You can avoid distractions through several tricks

  • Prepare a quiet homework desk- do not sit in the lounge while working on your essay. Instead, set your desk in a quiet corner or room where noises and activities in other rooms will not interfere with your work. Such seclusion allows you to concentrate for hours, resulting in a thoughtful argument on the topic you are presenting.
  • Use noise-canceling headphones- the gadgets come in handy when you have to write your essay at a noisy place. It could be at the park or in a room with other activities. Use the headphones to create a quiet work environment. You avoid interfering with the lives of roommates and other people who could be using the same space.
  • Choose the right homework hours- avoid hours when your roommate or members of your household could be using the space. Wake up early in the morning or extend a few hours after everyone has gone to sleep. You enjoy the quiet and quality time that allows you to draft a captivating paper.
  • Get the cooperation of your roommates- agree with roommates about how you will use different spaces in the room. For instance, you could allow them to watch a game in the afternoon in exchange for a quiet morning.

Pay full attention to your essay when writing. As you get deeper into the essay, your ideas will be insightful and academically engaging. It results in the best performance.

3. You are using low-quality reference materials

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Where do you get your reference materials from? The books, journals, and articles you use will determine the strength of your ideas. The data you use in your writing must also come from credible researchers. Such materials help you to generate arguments that can withstand academic scrutiny by the most experienced scholar.

Each department will recommend several books for each unit. Your tutor will also provide a database from where you can get credible materials. It is also advisable to search for reference materials using authors and publishers. Once you use quality reference materials, your ideas are credible and your discussion will be interesting to follow.

4. You have ignored technology

You do not have to do everything today thanks to technology. There are apps to help you type, create citations, draft references, and even edit your paper. Use these writing tools to reduce the amount of work you need to do to deliver a compelling paper.

Most technology tools for writers come with a free version to help you assess the features on offer. You avoid spending before you can fully understand whether the app will benefit your writing. Using technology takes away peripheral activities like typing and editing so that you can spend most of your time crafting the most compelling ideas.

5. You missed the basics of essay writing

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It could be time to refer to the basics of A. Start from sentence construction to punctuation and formatting. You will discover weaknesses in your writing that could be pulling you down. Hire a tutor to help you polish your academic writing skills.

Resolving a poor academic writing performance is easy once you identify the problem. You may need help from your tutor, online, or examples available in the library. Do not ignore technology because it could solve half of your essay writing problems.

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