5 Tips For Choosing The Perfect Sofa Color To Suit Your Room

Want to freshen up your home and put a new sofa in your living room? Change always comes in handy. A new sofa can bring whole new energy into your living space and make you enjoy the time you spend with your family or friends even more. However, nowadays there are so many different sofa options on the market that it can be very difficult to make a choice. You may be attracted by its appearance or some other characteristic, but if you base your purchase only on what you like aesthetically, it is likely that you will not make a good choice. There are many factors to consider before buying a sofa, and we have listed all of them for you in the text below.

1. Start with size

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Definitely, the first feature you want to think about is the size of the sofa. Consider the size of your living room and how much space you want the sofa to take up. In case you are limited by space, you will want to find a sofa that shows a satisfactory balance between practicality and size. However, even if you have enough space in your home, we suggest that you calculate well what size sofa is optimal. Think about what other pieces of furniture you want to add to that room.

Maybe a coffee table would go perfectly with the sofa or you have been fantasizing about this beautiful armchair for a long time, which also takes up a lot of space. Are you planning to have children soon, so it is necessary to leave them enough space to play while they grow up? These are all questions you need to ask yourself in order to find the optimal size of sofa for your home. A sofa that is too big or too small can make you uncomfortable, instead of truly enjoying it, so think twice before making a decision.

2. Think about a shape that would be the best fit

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Size is not the only feature of a sofa that contributes to limiting the space in which you place it. The right shape is also very important if you want to optimize your living space. A semi-circular sofa may suit you if you are placing it in a small room. On the other hand, a spacious L-shaped or U-shaped sofa can be great for larger ones. The same goes for the situation when you want to visually separate two rooms that are not initially separated by a wall (for example, a living room and a dining room or a kitchen and a living room). With the shape of the sofa, you can achieve much more than the desired aesthetics. This feature can be very helpful when it comes to the practical organization of your home.

If you are not sure what shape and type of sofa would suit you best and you want to find out what options are available on the market, you can click here for more information.

3. What style makes the most sense?

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The next thing to consider before buying a sofa is which style would make the most sense. This is something we suggest you take the time to think through, as well as to take all the factors into account before making a final choice. Keep in mind that the best style is not always the one you like the most at the moment. Why? Because fashion and trends are changing and something that is popular now and looks nice can be a pretty bad choice for the future. This is especially true for people who get bored quickly and for those who do not have the habit of changing furniture every few years.

In case you plan to use this sofa for a very long time, we suggest you choose a universal one, whose style will always be in. Minimalist design is definitely a good option because it never goes out of fashion. Choose simple lines and a style that is not too unusual to ensure that you will like this piece of furniture in 10 or 20 years.

4. Neutral or vibrant colors? You get to decide

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Color is another feature of the sofa that is very important. Vibrant color sofas can bring joy and cheerfulness to your home, while light-colored ones can make your home look brighter. Depending on what you want to achieve different shades can be a good choice.

If you have children or pets, we suggest that you consider some darker colors, because bright ones get dirty very easily and can be very challenging to maintain.

5. Choose material carefully

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When it comes to materials, a similar story applies as with colors. Although aesthetics is a significant item it is certainly neither the only nor the most important. The material should also be practical and fit into your lifestyle. In case you have pets who like to make a mess in your home you may want to bypass suede as you will never remove dark stains from it. You also want to bypass the skin if you have a cat that likes to sharpen its claws everywhere. Of course, if you spend a lot of time in your home and enjoy maintaining it, you don’t have to set such limits for yourself. The priority when choosing a sofa material should be your lifestyle and take into account your regular habits.


Choosing the right sofa for your home can be quite a challenging task, although initially it often doesn’t look like it. There are several factors to consider if you want to make the best choice and choose a piece of furniture that will fit perfectly into your home look, but also into your lifestyle in terms of practicality. Take the time to think about the size, shape, color, material, and style of the sofa. If you do it the right way, you can be sure that this piece of furniture will serve you for a long time, as well as that you will enjoy it to the maximum together with your family members.

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