5 The Most Watched ESports Tournaments Of 2024

With the rise of streaming platforms like YouTube and Twitch and the arrival of mobile gaming, the eSports industry has undergone many modifications throughout recent years. Video game titles like LoL, Dota 2, CS:GO, and Valorant have their space among the most watched scenes both on a player’s side and in its impressive numbers of viewers in each of its international titles.

This time, we want to take a closer look at the championships with the most hours watched in 2024, taking into consideration their spectator peaks. As the year draws to a close, it is high time to review the top 5 highest viewed events of the season. Viewership will be mostly based on different broadcast services, excluding the numbers from Chinese platforms. Without further ado, let’s get started!

5. The International 11


The fifth event of the year was a MOBA, in this case Dota 2. TI11 was a success, surpassing 1,700,000 peak viewers and 100 million hours viewed, improving The International 9 by 21%. That said, it remains the second highest in Dota 2 right after TI11, which recorded a peak viewership of over 2,700,000 with viewers spending more than 107 million hours watching championship broadcasts.

The TI11’s most-watched matches were its grand final between Tundra Esports and Team Secret, both semis, and a quarterfinal with Secret and PSG.LGD. When breaking down which squads were popular at T1 2024, Team Secret garnered the highest average viewership at 910,000 approximately.

4. PGL Major Antwerp


Also recording a peak viewership of over 2,100,610, albeit still slightly higher than TI11, was PGL Major Antwerp. So, in the first CS:GO Major of early 2024, PGL didn’t disappoint with its record-breaking figure in Stockholm to reach another successful tournament in terms of views. The peak in numbers was recorded during the FaZe vs. NaVi clash that secured more than 2,000,000 viewers.

According to Esports Charts, the previous year’s record held by PGL Major Stockholm 2024 was 2,700,000, which is 28 percent higher than the new figure. Nevertheless, Antwerp’s Major became the second most-watched event in the history of the shooter. With many wondering what CS:GO’s future would be in late 2024, GG BET Cs go is here to stay when it comes to major eSports contests.

3. LoL World Championship


To highlight the continued popularity of the MOBA title, League of Legends is another game coming in at number 3 of the most-watched championships in 2024.

The par excellence of eSport was once again the most outstanding one more season, surpassing an average viewership of 2,200,000. The peak  of 5,100,000 was recorded during T1 vs. DRX in the Grand Final. This figure is not only the highest of this year but also the best LoL tournament in history. The dominance of Riot Games’ MOBA continues, and in 2024 it is expected to go even further.

2. Mobile Legends Indonesia S10


While the first three events were tournaments, a league closes the second-place podium: the Indonesian MPL Season 10. A video game tournament for mobile devices in which Mobile Legends stands out.

Narrowly missing out on the first spot, the 10th season of the Indonesian MPL eSports event in SA gathered over 2,300,000 eyeballs at once. More specifically, it was the final clash between ONIC and RRQ Hoshi that commanded over 2,000,000 peak viewers, making it the sixth most popular MLBB event in the history of eSport.

1. Mobile Legends MPL S9


If something has become clear in recent years, it is that mobile gaming is here to stay and break the world’s records. To highlight the continued popularity of the competition within mobile games, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is only one of two games to have more than one entry in this list.

With more than 2,800,000 viewers around the globe, the grand final of the most recent edition of the MPL Philippines Season 9 managed to suppress all expectations, reaching figures never thought of for any game available on any platform.

Finally, we also want to highlight the appearance among the ten most watched tournaments of PUBG Mobile and VALORANT, with PUBG Mobile’s Championship and Riot Games’ FPS, respectively.

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