5 Study Tips And Tricks To Do Well On GAMSAT

Today at the time of the Covid-19 pandemic, the importance of medicine is greater than ever before. The need for medical staff and doctors has led to greater interest in studies and postgraduate studies in various branches of medicine. However, to get there – you must take the GAMSAT exam. Its basic role is to allow you to better choose one of the graduate programs. However, many people stumble on this first step. Therefore, we will provide you with 5 study tips and tricks to do well on your GAMSAT.



GAMSAT is a type of test that was originally developed for candidates at the School of Medicine in Australia – and was later adopted in the UK. Although it may seem simple to you – many students have stumbled on this step on the way to postgraduate schooling. Although this exam is a prerequisite for further education at Med School – it includes several layers of acquired knowledge. This exam involves an assessment of your knowledge and abilities that you have acquired during your previous years of schooling. It encompasses general science – but also the skill of logical problem solving, critical thinking, decision making, as well as writing. Therefore, it is not surprising that many students sometimes ask whether this is an intelligence test. No, this is not an intelligence test – but it does imply some elements of logic, analysis, and assessment in decision making. These are the qualities you will need in your future job as a doctor, dentist, etc.

How To Do Well On GAMSAT?


You are young and want to make a career in medicine and progress. You are looking for a way to further improve your knowledge – and raise your education to a higher level. This is completely understandable – and then your decision to take the GAMSAT exam is logical. You know for sure that this is a crucial step in entering Med School – but have you thought about how you will prepare? The GAMSAT exam is not an easy thing for everyone. Moreover, many failed to master it – because they didn’t follow GAMSAT instructions and advice in the right way. So how do you then prepare in the right way and provide yourself with further passage for improvement and career advancement? We will point you to 5 study tips and tricks to do well on GAMSAT.

1. Don’t expect the test to be easy

This is one of the most common misconceptions when it comes to GAMSAT. After all, ask yourself, is it easy to be a doctor? Of course not! GAMSAT has been adapted accordingly – so it will test both your knowledge – and the skills necessary for the future profession of a doctor. Although many students wonder what tasks such as writing essays or knowledge of literature are used for – you must be aware that GAMSAT does not test your literate talents – but through them comes to know about other things and capabilities you have. It tests your ability to learn and accept new information. Also, he assesses your perseverance, your work ethic but also your intelligence. GAMSAT does not belong to the standard frameworks of IQ tests – but in a way, it checks it for the responsibility that your future job carries.

2.  Make a good strategy


Most of those preparing to take the GAMSAT exam work or study. It is not always easy to organize in such circumstances. Good time management can be a big challenge. How then to organize your available time so that you can achieve everything? Keep in mind that the GAMSAT plan is also very demanding. You will need to attend exercises and perform tasks at every stage of the process. To organize your time well, you will need a well-developed strategy.

3. Find professional tutors

Although many students think that they can do everything themselves – do not underestimate the abilities of good tutoring. Your tutor should be someone who has enough experience in the whole process. This is someone who has mastered and passed the GAMSAT exam himself – so he can share his impressions and knowledge from his personal experience. According to, such tutors know what is most important to pay attention to – and are very committed to your achieving high-level results on the exam. Every good tutor will have a profiled structured approach to your preparation, learning, and readiness. Also, it will help you practice tests, do simulations, and further develop your reasoning skills. For many students, tutors are worth gold – and make a great contribution to improving your results.

4. Work on your general information knowledge


One part of the GAMSAT test relates to your general information. This means that you can answer questions related to the political, economic, social – or any other situation that is happening anywhere in the world. Therefore, it is recommended that you follow the press, media, blogs, etc. – as much as possible. In a word – be as informed as possible about everything. This type of preparation will also help you in the part of the test that involves writing an essay. Not only will you expand your knowledge and vocabulary – but you will also know how to better and more clearly state your position on a topic.

5. Practice as much as you can

Once you have developed a strategy, start practicing tirelessly. Experts say it takes time to prepare for the GAMSAT exam. However, it takes so much time – that it is neither too little nor too much. When you study and practice in tight deadlines – all the knowledge you have will suddenly be mixed and you’re gonna find yourself confused. On the other hand, if you prepare a year in advance – you can count that you will forget half of the things you’ve learned. Therefore, professional tutors and examiners believe that the optimal time to prepare for the GAMSAT exam is about 6 months. The most important thing is good organization of time, your working habits, and perseverance.

Get Rid Of Stress On Exam Day


Don’t let the tension literally eat you. Before taking the test, you need to get a good night’s sleep, calm down – and make sure you eat something so that you don’t literally get sick. Make sure you take the test in a good mood and with clear thoughts – and that you answer questions soberly, not in a hurry. Calmness on the day of the test is almost half of the work done – because many students are paralyzed by fear and nervousness. That way, they do not show the knowledge they really have. Therefore, take the test calmly, slowly, and with a cool head. We wish you good luck.

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