7 Benefits of Using an Electric Shaver for Sensitive Skin

Every man knows how important facial hair is to their looks. In modern times a cleanly shaven and tidy beard and mustache are a must and most men have their own routine that works wonders for them and long discussions with their friends about who does it better and properly. What most men will agree on is that without a good electric shaver, there is no good facial hair. The problem is even bigger if you have sensitive skin. If you have love your facial hair and have a deep passion for often stylizing and changing your precious stache and beard but cannot seem to shake off the issues with shaving sensitive skin, know that you are not alone in your struggles. As fellow guys who know how important a good shaving experience is, we got you covered. In this article you will find out all the benefits of using electric shavers and why they are the way to go if your skin tends to fight back. To learn more as well as to browse some top-tier shaving products, make sure to check out Shavingduck.

1. User Friendly and Ease of Use


Modern electric shavers have it all and they can be your one-stop destination for things related to facial hair. They are very easy to use and maintain, they come with all the goodies you need, and you will hardly ever need to reach for other products to follow up on your shaving. Those who say that modern gadgets can never replace traditional razors have not used a proper electric shaver, so you should really be the judge of this.

2. Comfort and Pleasure

You probably enjoy taking care of yourself no matter in what way. After you have gone out of your way to look and feel the best, you have confidence and feel like a real man. So how can you achieve this if there is no comfort during your shaving session? If it is all about comfort for you and your sensitive skin, there is no better thing than going electric and getting yourself a comfy shaver that will not cause any burns, irritations, or cuts. They are made to perfectly follow your facial features and never cause you any discomfort.

3. Speed and Practicality


If you require quick and efficient shaves while still remaining efficient with your moves, you will be happy to know that an electric shaver is a much better solution than regular razors. There is no need for shaving cream, you can easily do it with a waterproof one while you shower, and you do not actually need to shave all of your facial hair. With a regular razor, it is either nothing or everything. With shavers, you can trim and stylize whatever and however, you like

4. Close Shave Without Hair Pulling

Over the years, there have been many electric shavers on the market, both for men and women, and for all skin types, that simply did not do a good enough job. They would shave too close to the skin and practically pluck out the hairs instead of shaving them. This caused rashes, razor burns, and redness of the skin every time you shave. This is no longer an issue and if you require something for your sensitive skin, a contemporary gadget will give you a clean shave without ruining your look for the next few days.

5. Saving Money


Investing in a good electric shaver will prevent you from spending too much money on other products like sensitive skin care creams, gels, and other topical products. Sensitive skin is tricky and without a proper routine, you will be much more prone to all sorts of issues. When you shave, these become even more of an issue since you are shaving over the already irritated skin. If you eliminate bad razors from your life and start using a proper electric shaver, you will no longer have to spend tons of money on alternative skincare methods because your skin will calm down.

6. No Chance of Error

Learning how to shave the right way using classic and traditional methods like sharp razors that were prominent decades ago can be tricky. If you take into account this and mix it with the fact that you do not always have time to be careful, it does not seem like a good solution for the 21st century. Electric razors are so easy and straightforward to use that there is effectively no learning curve to overcome. You simply have to turn it on and glide it over your face. That is all. There is no way you can injure yourself or do it the wrong way.

7. All-in-One Products


Not only will you be covered in terms of shaving your facial hair, but your whole body will finally have a proper tool to rely on. Most new electric shaving and trimming devices are all-in-one solutions for all types of hair. Thanks to the attachments and all the goodies you get in the box, you can easily do your own hair and trim all the parts of your body. It is a very smart investment for any man who cares about looking their absolute best at all times.

8. Dry and Wet Shave

We mentioned already that you can freely shave in the shower with this kind of shaver. For sensitive skin, this is a very good option because the razor glides more smoothly on wet skin and there is no chance of irritation. However, if you ever wish to have a complete drive shave, you can do that too. It may seem impossible to shave completely on dry skin and not irritate your very sensitive skin, but it is entirely possible thanks to the materials used to create these gadgets and the mechanisms that work in a way that does not damage the skin. As long as you do not apply more pressure than necessary, you will do an amazing job and never again experience face skin irritation.

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