Why Skull Jewelry Works for Both Men and Women

Death symbolizes fear and is unacceptable to most people. We only dare to put on skull symbol on special occasions like Halloween.

However, rockers, bikers, and Goths have no problem carrying these symbols of death. Maybe it’s time to be a bit more open-minded and realize that skull jewelry is not that gloomy.

History of skulls

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It’s not true that skulls gained popularity in the 20th century with Gothic, punk, and rock movements.

In fact, it is actually an ancient symbol.

In the beginning, the skulls and bones of animals were used to create primitive ornaments. Everyone wore them- tribe leaders, shamans, and hunters. After some time, people learned how to melt metals, so the skulls were made of bronze, iron, and other valuable materials.

The skulls were always worshiped since the symbol has a long history.

Skull jewelry has been around on the market for years, but in the last couple of decades, it kept constantly appearing in both men’s and women’s fashion.

A skull is one of the oldest symbols known to humankind, so it isn’t so surprising that skull jewelry managed to evolve into a popular fashion trend. People like wearing skull engagement rings as well as skull bell button rings.

You can wear skull jewelry for many different reasons. For instance, it supports a man’s masculinity, and it is believed to obtain fortune and good luck. Some people even associate it with deeper meanings.

One of them is being tough and brave. Researches showed that it increases confidence and shows the masculinity.

It can also be used as a symbol of celebrating life. Accessories with a skull can be a testament to the belief in after-life. Besides, it can also represent rebirth or transformation.

Wearing skull jewelry is definitely a fashion statement. Many stars and fashion icons are known for pairing skull accessories with their favorite clothes.

Why Men AND Women Wear Skull Jewelry

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Traditionally, warriors used to wear skulls as a symbol of strength and power to intimidate their opponents. Then, in the 15th century, people started wearing them as a reminder of their mortality since skeletons and skulls create “memento mori.” The translation of that is “remember you must die.”

However, in modern times it is more about fashion, beginning with rock stars who we tend to associate with this symbol.

Women in the 21st century decided to take the skull trend as their own. You can even see it at the Fashion Week runways.

They wear it for similar reasons as men- to appear more edgy and powerful.

This kind of jewelry became part of many subgroups, like goth, punk rock, and steampunk. Today it frequently appears in high fashion.

Regardless of labels, both men and women should wear jewelry fearlessly.

Skull Necklaces

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When you see a man wearing a necklace, it must be a statement piece. Start with a 20″ chain or even longer. You will want it to be chunky to achieve that masculine look.

An affordable and sustainable choice would be sterling silver.

However, status is important when choosing a statement piece, so make sure you don’t purchase something to make you look like a broke chump.

Women prefer wearing their skull necklaces with long chains. Also, remember that a women’s chain is thinner than a man’s traditional biker chain.

Skull Rings

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Bikers and pirates definitely wear skull rings like nobody else.

They made those big rings what they are today. Men have large fingers so they can carry these rings properly, but what about women?

Wearing a tough guy ring on elegant little fingers can certainly be cute, but it also shows the spunky spirit that men love so much.

Skull Cuffs

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You probably didn’t know that some women find forearms attractive. A perfect way to catch her attention is a leather band or skull cuff.

A cuff is a detail that shows confidence. It will certainly set you apart from others.

This is one piece of skull jewelry that will set you apart from the crowd.

Besides, a man’s cuff can also be used as a woman’s bangle, depending on the size of your lady.

Here are some biker appropriate presents:

Stud Earrings For Women

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Stud earrings are a unique present for women who love riding motorcycles. They are easier to wear with a bike helmet since other earrings tend to get caught.

There are many varieties, so choose wisely. Try to find designs like skulls, cross studs, or other gothic symbols for your biker babe.

Silver Charm Bracelets

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Just like earrings, charm bracelets come in many different styles.

Make sure to look for ones representing your biker babe’s style, like those with skull charms.

A great thing about these bracelets is that they open doors for future gifts- you can always get her a unique charm for years to come.

Leather Chokers

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A choker is a great gift for every biker, and it isn’t as traditional as the necklace.

Leather ones are certainly the best choice even though there are many materials and styles.

Celebrities wearing skull jewelry

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Since celebrities nowadays promote everything, a skull is not an exception. One of the biggest skull jewelry popularizers is Keith Richards. There is a skull ring that hasn’t been taken off his finger for 40 years.

The ring even got its own name – Keith Richards ring.

A lot of celebrities wear copies of this incredibly famous item. For instance, the actor Johnny Depp, who is a great friend of Keith’s.

Everyone that is popular among superstars sooner or later becomes fashionable among their fans.

This kind of jewelry is not going to be any less popular any time soon.

If you need some more skull jewelry ideas check out what’s in stock at theodysseyonline.com

Their inventory is growing quickly, and the designs are really amazing.

Skull jewelry is something unique and beautiful, and no one should be worried about other people’s opinions, as long as that is something they truly like and feel nice about.

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