7 Reasons Why An Automatic Litter Box Is Worth The Money

When investing in an expensive, high-tech device, it’s natural to have some concerns and apprehensions regarding cost. We want to be sure that the products we spend our hard-earned money on will deliver on their promises and improve our lives.

Automatic litter boxes have enticing promises and beaming reviews but also reasonably high price tags all things considered. If you’re looking to upgrade your cat’s litter box to a self-cleaning version, you’re likely wondering if they are worth the money!

We’re here to help you determine just that. From researching and testing some of the leading players in the automatic litter box game, we’ve established seven reasons why an automatic litter box is worth its hefty price tag.

1) You’re Spending Way Less On Litter

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Although self-cleaning litter boxes are considerably more expensive than the traditional versions of the litter tray, we found that the cost of running them is overall pretty minimal. A massive contribution to low usage costs is the reduction in litter needed to upkeep these cleaning cycles.

As you know, manually scooping your cat’s litter is not the most effective or efficient way to remove your kitty’s waste. More often than not, you end up disposing of a fair amount of clean granules along with the dirty ones.

However, the cleaning systems that automatic litter boxes utilize give a deeper and more thorough clean by removing very few unused particles. This means you’ll buy litter much less frequently than before. Plus, most self-cleaning litter boxes with rotating and raking systems work with standard clumping clay litter, one of the most cost-effective and widely available liter types on

2) You Usually Don’t Need To Buy Disposable Items

It’s important to note that not all automatic litter boxes are the same. Maintenance requirements and costs depend on the cleaning method each model works with and their built-in features. This is why you should research the specific litter box you’re interested in before purchasing.

Some self-cleaning litter units require you to replace filters, disposable trays, and more. However, some models, such as the AutoEgg, use no disposable items at all. You can even use any standard grocery or trash bag for the waste drawer liners. Therefore, you don’t have to buy anything other than regular clumping clay litter now and again!

3) Say Hello To Free Time

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Automatic litter boxes don’t just save you money; they also save you time, which some would argue is more valuable. Those who live busy lives find this to be the greatest benefit of upgrading to a high-tech litter box.

Not only do self-cleaning litter boxes remove the need to scoop daily, but you won’t need to deep clean or change the litter as much either. It’s best to empty and wash out a traditional litter box every week or so to maintain hygiene.

But, because automatic litter boxes’ technology keeps the box cleaner and more hygienic, you only need to deep clean these units every 3-6 weeks. Considering cleaning out the litter box is one of the most tedious chores for cat owners, this is terrific news.

4) They Can Help Prevent Expensive Vet Visits

Some automatic litter boxes, such as the AutoEgg and Aimicat, are capable of monitoring your cat’s health by tracking their litter box usage and habits. These models feature intelligent systems that detect and record various information each time your kitty uses the box. It then uses this data to analyze and track their health.

These health trackers will alert you of any potential causes for concern, like if your cat has diarrhea or if they are displaying signs of a urinary or bladder infection. This game-changing feature allows you to quickly catch any health problems and treat them before becoming severe issues and expensive vet visits!

5) Improving Your Cat’s Long Term Health

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As well as looking after your fur baby’s health and well-being, automatic litter boxes are also better for you than traditional trays and manual scooping.

Firstly, many cat owners experience back pain or discomfort from regular and recurrent bending over the litter box. With a self-cleaning litter box, you’ll no longer need to do this.

Secondly, an automatic litter box keeps contact with feline waste to a minimum. This is beneficial to your health as contact with cat feces can make you sick. When you scoop, you breathe in toxic bacteria and ammonia, potentially transmitting toxoplasmosis and other nasty infections.

6) Less Money/Time Spent Cleaning Your House

Self-cleaning litter boxes not only keep the inside of the unit spotless, but they prevent litter mess and tracking too. Feline’s can have an annoying habit of kicking the litter out of their box, and litter grains can stick to their paws and spread around the house too. Most new fur parents find they have to sweep and vacuum much more than usual once they get their fur baby.

Most automatic litter boxes have an enclosed, hooded design with fully sealed sides and back. This drastically reduces the chance of your cat kicking litter out of the box, as the entryway is the only open section.

The AutoEgg then goes a step further by placing a tracking step at the entrance. This cellular pad catches litter particles from your cat’s paws as they leave the unit. With helpful features like this, your house will stay hygienic, and you won’t have to clean so much!

7) Save On Energy Costs

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You may worry that bringing another electronic product into the house will increase your energy consumption and electricity expenditure. Thankfully, many self-cleaning litter boxes have a surprisingly low power consumption.

For example, the AutoEgg only consumes 1 kWh of electricity per 500 cleaning cycles; therefore, you won’t notice a hike in your utility bills!

So, if you’re unsure whether an automatic litter box is worth the cost, we hope that this article has cleared things up. Money aside, thousands of cat owners worldwide are no longer having to scoop their feline’s waste and are enjoying the fulfilling benefits this brings.

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