7 Tips for Ensuring a Rabbit’s Safety in an Outdoor Hutch

Even though keeping rabbits is not complicated, it does not mean that little furry friends do not require peculiar conditions to thrive. Namely, both indoor and outdoor nurturing have their pros and cons, but you should be aware that even though they are domesticated, rabbits are animals whose natural habitat implies spending as much time in the open as possible.

Thus, if you choose the approach for nurturing your pets that suits them best, we advise you to consult the tips for ensuring a rabbit’s safety in an outdoor hutch we have prepared for you in the lines below and secure your darlings are safe and sound at all times.

1. Protection from Predators


Rabbits are herbivores, so they do not rank high in the food chain. Therefore, they require protection from the predators potentially lurking in the surroundings of their hutch. What you should take care of is to provide your furry animals as much protection as you can, which implies you regularly maintain the outdoor space where they spend most of their time.

Even dogs will watch on rabbits as if they were nothing else but a delicious meal, so make sure their hatch is adequately secured from probable external intrusion. Thus, seal all the holes no matter how small they might appear at the first glance since if anything, they will not become smaller by themselves.

Also, you should focus on the condition of the wiring and replace any damaged parts of the hutch to ensure your animals are safe and sound inside their homes.

2. Get Rid of the Moisture

Even though a vast majority of rabbit owners reckon their pets are rodents, they are actually part of a different animal family. Still, they tend to nibble on things as if they were, so the misconception is justifiable to a certain extent.

Their nibbling ventures often leave a trace on a place where they spend their time, which implies forming of numerous puddles and alternative humid areas that can cause serious health issues. In order not to compromise their wellbeing, we recommend you take care of the mess your lovely animals make and make sure their bedding is always as dry as possible.

3. Pick the Right Hutch


Rabbits are social animals, so they would rather spend their days in the company of their own than nibbling on a piece of carrot on their own. Still, they will not feel comfortable if they share their room with too many of their kin in a confined space.

What numerous rabbit owners do to save money is placing their furry proteges in areas not designed for rabbits, which causes alternative issues and prevent the bunnies from thriving. Therefore, we advise you to assess what is the best type of hutch for your rabbits depending on how many of them you have and plan on having in the future. Guys at Aivituvin have all the information about rabbits and their hutches you might need, thus, check what they have to share with you to find the right housing match for your furry friends.

4. Cold VS Warm


Wintertime is when your animals require more attention than when the weather is nice. Not only should you focus on their fur and groom them more often, but you should also give them more food during the cold days. Now, providing them with necessary nutrients is one thing, while cleaning after them is another.

More food equals more leftovers, thus, make sure their space is regularly maintained in order not to make your pets depressed. Additionally, you should pay attention not to allow the remaining food to accumulate after their meals since it might not only harm the bunnies but also damage their hutch.

You should make sure the hutch is not solely adequately insulated but also properly ventilated. If their space does not have sufficient amounts of fresh air, it is highly likely for mold and other negative influences to form inside their hutch. Thus, either vent their space on your won steam or install a small ventilator to do the hard work for you.

5. The Bedding


You can always use hay for the bedding of your rabbits, as long as you change it regularly. As with surplus food, it is of utter importance to check whether their bedding is adequate or you should replace it with a new one. Hay easily absorbs moisture, so regular checkups represent a good way to figure out whether they need fresh replacement or not.

6. Activities

Every rabbit requires sufficient space to spend the energy they accumulate during fresh veggies and supplement foods you should provide for them. Still, the spacing is not everything you should provide in order to make them happy.

On the other hand, various toys and the company might do the trick. Therefore, do your homework and use that web browser to find a perfect present for your furry friend. Still, you should be warned that new toys imply new responsibilities since you will have to wash them from time to time because rabbits are not known for their cleaning habits. Jokes aside, both you and your pets will enjoy it once they get some gadgets to play with.

7. Make Sure You Check the Roof


If the roof of your rabbit hutch leaks water, you know what you should do. We should underline that the more you prolong the repairs, the worse for your rabbits. Also, neglecting the state of the roof might make matters even worse, so the sooner you react, the better.

The best thing you can do is to check on the state of the roof as often as you can since not only will should forehand intervention prevent more serious damage, but it will also cost you less than the case would be if you would postpone the action.

Your rabbits’ safety should be your priority, thus, make sure their outdoor hutch is always clean and safe to use. Hopefully, the aforementioned pieces of information and suggestions will help you do a good job.

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