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4 Smart Storage Tips and Tricks for Small Apartment Bedrooms

Regular decluttering of your living space is of huge importance if you want to have enough space for daily functioning, but also if you want to unburden your mind. It has been proven that clutter in the living space can contribute to the accumulation of stress and adversely affect our health and well-being. Still, if you’ve done everything you could, but there’s still clutter in your room because it’s so small, then it’s time to think about some alternative solutions. Below we share with you some smart storage tips and tricks for small apartment bedrooms.

1. Use the empty space on your walls

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When you think about increasing the storage space in your small apartment, closets and drawers probably immediately come to mind, but the fact is that you probably have so much free space on the walls that it is completely unused. And the best thing is that this part of your apartment will not restrict your movement in any way. Instead of regular freestanding bookshelves, we suggest that you consider floating shelves that can be an ideal solution in such situations.

The best thing is that you don’t have to buy them, but you can make them yourself, which can save you money. And also, how fun would it be to make this a family DIY project! On these floating shelves you can place books, but also many other things that can be a nice aesthetic addition to your home as well.

2. Don’t forget the free storage space under the bed

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When you have a small bedroom, then the best solution for storage is to use the space that is otherwise unused, and where you can place all those things that you do not want to be displayed in a visible place. If you have a bed with a storage section under it that you do not use, we suggest that you change this as soon as possible. In this space you can place bedding, blankets, pillows and other things that take up a lot of space.

However, if you do not have a bed like this, it does not mean that you cannot use the space under the bed that you have in your room. The practical idea is to insert storage containers that you can buy or make yourself. We suggest that you take into account their aesthetics so that they do not stand out from the rest of the room, but also look beautiful in addition to having an important practical role. This way you will significantly expand the storage section in your small room without creating additional clutter.

3. Make the most of your closets and sideboards

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In case you have not yet purchased a closet and sideboard for your bedroom, we suggest that you choose those that offer plenty of free storage space. There are really many options on the market these days, but you definitely want to stay away from those that are aesthetically pleasing but completely impractical on the inside.

When you have a small apartment where you don’t want to make a mess then you just can’t afford this luxury. However, this doesn’t mean you have to make some huge compromise. On this website you can find amazing sideboards that provide plenty of storage space and at the same time look very nice.

If you already have a closet and sideboard in your room then we suggest you go through it and make sure you make the most of all the space they offer. Many people today complain that they do not have enough storage sections in their sideboards, and the truth is that they do not organize their things in an optimal way. It is crucial that you fold your wardrobe properly in order to make enough space for everything.

Also, we suggest that you put all your wardrobe for the season that is over in vacuum bags, because that way you will free up a lot of space and be able to put in many more things to lay around. Try to remove everything you don’t use to make room for the things you want to remove from view and declutter your small bedroom.

4. Consider whether some items require extra storage or are better to be thrown in the garbage

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And finally, we share with you the ultimate storage trick that will help you have it more: get rid of everything you don’t need. For some things you don’t need extra storage, you just need to throw them in the garbage. Many people constantly refuse to get rid of some things in the home that just make a mess of them and just don’t belong there anymore.

Yes, you may have a wardrobe or items to which you are bound by special emotions, but you should keep in mind that these emotions will still be there even when those things no longer are. You can love them without keeping them at the bottom of a drawer for the rest of your life. Learn to deal with things you don’t use to make more storage space for the ones that really matter to you.

One of the good criteria based on which you can decide what to keep at home and what to throw away is: have you used that thing in the past year. If you haven’t, chances are you’ll never need it, so we warmly suggest you get rid of it. And no, you don’t have to throw it away, you can give it to someone you love or people in need. In this way, you will make someone else happy, and at the same time you will free up your living space and allow the energy to flow freely and bring you some new, beautiful things in life.


Even if you live in a really small apartment, there are many ways you can increase your storage space. You can use the empty space on your walls, as well as the free storage space under the bed. Make the most of your closets and sideboards and consider whether some items require extra storage or are better to be thrown in the garbage. Making wise decisions is a key factor in freeing up space in your small apartment and making room for new, beautiful things that you enjoy. If you live in a bigger apartment, fret not! Check out AC Vision for innovative interior designs for bedrooms of all sizes.

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