Which CCNP is Most Demanded 2024?

People can make their careers as experts when they take part in CCDE and several other certifications. The CCDE programs are tough, and not everyone can do them. Therefore, the candidates have to pass through several theoretical and lab exams for their proper assessment.

CCDE is one of the most famous certified programs. CCDE is also known as Cisco Certified Design Expert program.

This program is designed for professional IT infrastructure teams and engineers. This is an expert-level architecture program. This program gives people certain roles. People are always interested in knowing Which CCNP is most demanded 2024? People should know about the program to know to become a CCDE.

Written exam in CCDE


A CCDE program consists of a written exam and a lab exam. The written exam is a two-hour-long exam. This exam is to judge different networking skills of the service. This exam judges the quality, security, cost, capacity, management, routing, and tunneling of the service. Candidates have to pass the written exam. Passing the written exam leads towards eligibility for the practical exam.

There are several platforms and sources from which a candidate can prepare for these tests. SPOTO is one of the biggest learning platforms. This platform gives workbooks and sheets from which a person can prepare for CCDE. Candidates can visit SPOTO real Cisco concentration exams and answers for better preparation at

Practical exam in CCDE

After passing the written exam, the candidate becomes eligible to take the practical exam. The practical exam is designed to check the caliber of the candidates. This exam is taken to judge the ability of the candidate to design, justify, analyze, and implement the abilities that are based on the CCDE exam. The candidates who have passed the written exam can qualify for the practical exam. No professional training and other requirements are required in CCDE.



CCDE has a validity of 2 years. CCDE certification expires after two years. Candidates have to maintain the validity of CCDE certification. Therefore, they have to apply for CCDE recertification. Candidates have to follow the below-mentioned points to get the recertification. So let us get started.

  • A candidate has to pass a CCIE written exam or a lab exam.
  • A candidate has to pass a CCDE written exam or practical exam.
  • A candidate has to pass the CCAr board review or CCAr interview that is required for recertification.

Candidates have to apply for recertification after every two years. This is how they can maintain the validity of the CCDE exam. CCDE and other professional certifications require to be recertified after every two years. This is how professionals maintain their certifications.

Benefits of CCNP R&S Certification

Certifications upgrade the level of professionals. Professionals can have many more benefits of getting CCNP, CCIE, and other certifications. Cisco has served as one of the best platforms for people who want to get certifications and work as certified professionals.

There are several benefits that a person can expect from Cisco and CCNP certifications. It is to be mentioned that certified professionals are better than noncertified professionals. That is why every professional should try to get such certifications. Some of the most significant benefits of getting CCNP certification are listed below.

  • A great foundation


The biggest and the most significant advantage of getting CCNP certification is that this is one of the biggest foundations from which the candidates can be benefitted. This platform is designed to make the candidates meet the networking standards. Candidates can have a better understanding of switching and routing.

As the candidate undergoes the training before the exam, he gets a solid base and understanding of the physical and virtual network. This is how professional candidates can apply for CCNP exams and solve everyday problems.

  • More employment chances

Certifications increase the chances of employment. Certified professionals are better than noncertified professionals. These certified professionals get more jobs and opportunities. They earn more than noncertified professionals. These professionals get attractive salary packages. Therefore, they can improve their financial statuses.

Therefore, it is always a great idea to get CCNP certifications. A person should study hard and try to take and pass the exams to get these certifications. This is how professionals get more opportunities to make money through CCNP certification.

  • Get more chances of promotion


In addition to the attractive salary packages, candidates are more likely to get attractive packages. They get countless opportunities to improve and maintain their statuses. They are more likely to get promotions and other services. This is why it is always a great chance to get CCNP certifications.

  • Globally recognized certificates

Cisco is one of the most recognized platforms throughout the world. CCNP and other certifications acquired from this platform are recognized globally. Every industry and organization in the world recognizes Cisco. Candidates can have the privilege of working throughout the world. You can have more and more chances of working and employment.

Candidates can work online on several freelancing platforms. That is why it is always a great idea and advantageous to get CCNP certifications. Candidates should try to get certifications from authentic and recognized platforms to increase the worth of their certifications.

  • Up-to-date knowledge


Last but not least important advantage of getting CCNP certification is that the knowledge is always updated. Candidates can expect perfect and updated knowledge about management and networking from Cisco. All you need is to get enrolled in recognized platforms and get certifications. This is how you can secure your future and make more money.

The bottom line

The points mentioned above are some of the most significant things that a person should know about CCDE. There are several other professional exams that candidates can pass. These exams give certifications to the candidates. Moreover, these certifications ensure attractive salaries to the candidates. Therefore, candidates must qualify for several certifications, such as CCDE, CCIE, PMP, and several other certifications. Moreover, they have to pass written and practical exams to get those certifications. For more details, go to this website.

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