What Are Heart Rate Variability Apps And How Do They Work?

The cardiovascular (circulatory) system is crucial for the functioning of living organisms. It serves to supply organs and all tissues with oxygen, nutrients and building materials. It also excretes waste products such as carbon dioxide (CO2), microbes, viruses, toxins and thus enables optimal functioning of the organism.

It consists of the heart, as the central and unique and irreplaceable organ, then arteries, veins, all the way to the most saturated blood vessels – capillaries. They all have their precisely defined roles and the good condition of the whole system is necessary in order to work properly and meet our constant needs.

The heart has two chambers and two atria, it is a unique and odd, vital organ, the central part of our body. It pumps blood constantly, throughout our lives, from the formation of the embryo, while we are alive. The heart is a smooth muscle, which consists of fibers that transmit electrical impulses and allow it to work.



Every heart works in a certain rhythm. Heart rate is called pulse. The number of heartbeats depends on many factors. From age, blood vessel condition, heart condition (professional athletes, and recreational athletes, with a trained heart, have a lower and better regulated heart rate), hormone levels, thyroid condition, mental status, stress resistance… What is considered normal heart rate is 60-80 beats per minute.

The heart works differently at rest, when under physical or mental stress… Sometimes it works properly, rhythmically, sometimes fast (tachycardia), sometimes slow (bradycardia). It can happen that it works incorrectly, arrhythmically and ‘skips’. It is an unpleasant feeling, and can be a dangerous phenomenon. If this skipping situation recurs, you should definitely go to a cardiologist.

What is heart rate variability (HRV)?


The phenomenon called Heart rate variability means variability, variability of heart rhythm. This means that if someone’s pulse is e.g. 60 beats per minute does not necessarily mean that the heart beats every second. It can happen, and it is very likely that it is a relatively common occurrence, that it beats e.g. at o, 9sec, then only 1.15. These intervals indicate, in fact, the right way the heart works and give us important diagnostic information.

The heart rate variability monitor also provides prognostic data for people who have had a myocardial infarction. With the advancement of medical research, in theoretical and technological terms, it is possible to accurately examine this issue. Various experiments are underway, many are working to discover the effects of various factors on HRV. (eg high amounts of salt, yoga, sports, anxiety, hypochondria and focus on health and motor inhibition, strenuous training, rest, sleep, diabetic neuropathy ..)

Methods of testing HRV


Until recently, the examination of these variations in the time interval between two heartbeats was possible only in hospitals, specialized cardiac clinics. These tests were performed using ECG, holter monitor, ultrasound, and blood pressure measurements. Cardiologists were the only ones to deal with this type of examination. Various studies speak of the great importance of these tests for the complete functioning, not only of our body, but also of our emotions. A cause-and-effect relationship between HRV and emotional regulation of feelings, decision-making skills, and many other correlations has been discovered.

With the advent of intense jogging, aerobics, with a huge expansion of outdoor gyms in the next decade, to incredibly strenuous cardio workouts, cross fit workouts, which often take place in nature, through standard sports (swimming, cycling, hiking) 21st century people rapidly want to hours and days of sitting in offices and at the computer, significantly affect and damage the health of each individual. Therefore, the interest in physical activity has become a necessity and necessity of modern man. stated the state of their health, especially the cardiovascular system

HRV apps


Modern technology has made it possible for the condition of the heart to be checked and controlled throughout the day, especially during training, using various applications. For example, if you decide to do high-intensity training (heart rate training), you put the cardiovascular system under a heavy load. Therefore, installing an app like Welltory App intended for monitoring HRV can affect both your results and your health.

It is constantly monitored, using the application, to what extent your heart is under load, how it works, what are the heart rate intervals, how much fatigue and how much it needs to rest and return to its original state. These are important parameters that should not be neglect and leave it to chance. So, it is not necessary to go to the ECG anymore, but just put your finger on the phone screen and get valid data.

Why is it important to control HRV?


This delicate and meticulous examination, within our pulse, may be the key to dealing with the real health of our heart. An ECG is not enough, it can only rule out a heart attack, but it cannot clearly define whether we have coronary heart disease or some other disorder. Ultrasound is also a good diagnostic method, but it has limited conclusions. Coronary angiography examines the condition of our blood vessels is therefore invasive and very life-threatening.

Potential thrombosis can be fatal. The set of all these diagnostic methods is a clear indicator of our condition, but the examination of such subtle and delicate phenomena as heart rate intervals (HRV) is necessary. Fortunately, technological advances have enabled the use of applications that deal with this issue, a large number of users.


The popularization of such important apps does not only belong to the domain of marketing. When it comes to human health, investing in such achievements is incredibly important. So, every smartphone owner can install an app that will be available to him at any time, in any location. Whether he is training, working, lying in bed, he can easily take control of his health. Without going to the doctor, making appointments, waiting he can do a preliminary, quick HRV test. This allows him to clearly know whether he should continue training, whether to stop and rest, whether the stress at work has become unbearable and what life decisions to make. So, this application can significantly affect the quality of your life and should be considered as a great helper and installed immediately.

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