Are Adult toys Illegal in Some Countries?

Adult toys are no longer a taboo subject. Couples around the world are using them to make their sex life more entertaining. The good news is that these toys are accessible because there are many online sex shops like Lovify that offer a wide range of items. Purchasing items in the store like that won’t be illegal, right? However, are sex toys legal in all parts of the world? It is a subject that deserves more attention

Even though this is something hard to believe in, it is true – some countries do not allow sex toys. The reason for this is more than obvious, they consider sex toys offensive and often compare them to pornography. Some people think of this law as a way of criminalizing sexual pleasure.

In general, there are no health concerns or any harnesses when it comes to using sex toys. However, if you planed to go on a pleasant vacation, on a honeymoon with your partner, you should know that in some countries you can get arrested, pay a fine, or warned that sex toys are not legal. For that reason, we prepared a list of countries where adult toys are illegal, so you can know whether you should leave them at home before you visit your destination.

Let’s see.


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With beautiful beaches with white sand and crystal blue water, Maldives is a popular destination for young ones who just got married. However, if you belong to this category, and want to spend your honeymoon in the Maldives, you should know that pornographic materials are prohibited there. As we said, adult toys belong in this category, which means, you can not bring them on your trip. This island is a perfect getaway, however, do not try to bring any sex toys.

Saudi Arabia

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As all of you probably know, Saudi Arabia is an Islamic country. Islamic law prohibits adult toys here because they also belong to the category of illegal pornographic material. If you are a tourist that brought sex toys in the luggage, you can expect they will be confiscated. We suggest you avoid this unpleasant scenario and do not bring toys for pleasure. In Saudi Arabia, the first sex shop will be open. However, it is going to be very different from what you expect. More precisely, you can expect to see candles, oils, and creams for increased sensuality feeling, as well as improving the passion and connection between the couples. However, there are not going to sell adult toys.

United Arab Emirates

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The United Arab Emirates are such a popular place for the visitors because of the many attraction it offers. For instance, Dubai and Abu Dhabi especially attract tourists because of the breathtaking landscapes, entraining, historical and traditional towns as well as experiencing safari deserts. You can truly enjoy your vacation there and have so much fun. However, the only activity you can not have fun in is enjoying adult sex toys. Both entering sex toys or delivering them in this country is illegal. You should not mess with their law, because the person who posses the adult toys can have so much trouble. Not only sex toys can be confiscated, but you can also be prosecuted for owning them. For that reason, when are you visiting this beautiful destination, you should enjoy some palatial beach resorts with your partner, rather than consuming sex toys.


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The biggest mistake people think when it comes to this country is that allows everything. More precisely, they think the laws are very benevolent here and they have a relaxed attitude when it comes to the sex industry and using adult toys. However, the country prohibits them. Sex toys actually belong to the category called prohibited goods. More precisely, the government and police can take criminal action against you if you possess some of the adult sex toys. If you are going to this destination with your partner, there are many ways you two can have time. There are actually many attractions you can enjoy and have an adventure. For that reason, do not risk and making a felony, just leave your adult toys at home.


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Interestingly, since 2011, when the government forbade adult sex toys, made both buying and bringing them into the country illegal action. Vietnam is a very popular destination for tourists, and this country has a lot of them each year. However, all of them are checked whether they own some adult sex toys. If the authorization finds you possess some of the sex toys, you can expect they will be confiscated. For that reason, we suggest you enjoy the breathtaking landscapes, food, attraction, and excited kite-surfing. And this is just a small part of what uncredible Vietnam has to offer.


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According to the country’s law, sex toys are prohibited in Malaysia. More precisely, possession of any obscene object including sex toys will result in some criminal action. The authorized site can give you a fine or even take you to prison for this felony. You can be in prison for even three years. Every tourist should know that The Malaysian Penal Code punishes people who possess any obscene painting, figure, book, paper. Because of that, do not even try to bring some of the adult toys; you should rather choose to enjoy the attraction that this beautiful country has to offer such as exploring caves.


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If you are visiting India, you should know that this country also belongs to the category of the ones who prohibit obscene objects according to section 292 of the Indian Penal Cone. If you bring some of the adult toys or order them in this country, they can be confiscated. We suggest you respect the law and leave your toys at home. Also, you should know that only regular massage is legal. More precisely, the ones who include your private parts are not. While you are in India, you can enjoy the tradition they keep as well as the incredible landscapes that this country offers.

The United States (Alabama)

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Believe it or not, purchasing sex toys in Alabama is illegal. However, you should know that you can bring your own adult toys to the state. Unfortunately, if you wanted to buy some there, you can not do that. There is a special code called the 1998 Anti-Obscenity Enforcement Act that prohibits sales of adult sex toys. More precisely, this is a criminal act, and buying any of the devices that are created to simulate human genital organs is considered a felony.

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