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Don Lemon Salary 2024 – How Much Money does this American Journalist Make

Have you ever considered how much money journalists make? Well, admit it, you probably aren’t, unless it’s some very well-known, successful, and multi-award-winning journalist.

One of those who meet the “search” criteria is Don Lemon. This man is an American journalist, in fact, a television journalist, to be precise, and he inspired us to dedicate today’s article to him, his career so far, and so on.

So, below we want to present to you some details about the life and career of Don Lemon, but also his salary and net worth, as well. So, if you’re ready, let’s get started.

The early life of Don Lemon


Although much better known as Don Lemon, the full name of this American television journalist is Donald Carlton Lemon. He was born 54 years ago, on March 1, 1966. Mr. Lemon’s hometown is Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States.

When it comes to his childhood and schooling, not much is actually known. Still, basic information like that he attended Baker High School is known.

Speaking of his schooling, Lemon was also a Louisiana State University student, and he graduated from Brooklyn College. Interestingly, the course he attended was broadcast journalism. This may be a sign that Don has always been interested in journalism.

Don Lemon’s Career


Lemon’s rise in the world of journalism began during his student days at Brooklyn College. Back then, Lemon worked as a news assistant at WNYW. It was a great thing for him because after graduating from college, he became a correspondent from Philadelphia as well as from Chicago. He was hired by NBC, more precisely the subsidiaries of this company.

The list of television correspondents he worked for is as follows: for the WBRC as a correspondent in Birmingham, KTVI in St. Louis, as well as WCAU in Philadelphia. Also, it is important to note that he worked as a correspondent for NBC News from New York, NBC Nightly News, MSNBC, Weekend Today.

However, Don achieved the most success in that early period of his career by working as a reporter for WMAQ where he was a three-time Emmy winner for his reporting at the local level.

Don Lemon came to CNN only three years after the mentioned awards. He still works on this reputable TV network today, and it can be said that this period has its beauty, but also not so beautiful sides. For example, we primarily think of his statements and opinions about the African American community and their rights, which is a good thing because he fights for rights and equality.

However, the downside is that he was actually threatened during late 2017.

Don Lemon’s Salary


So, the fact is that Don Lemon is a successful television journalist. Also, the fact is that he worked for affiliates, or directly for some of the largest TV networks in the United States. Therefore, it is logical to conclude that his earnings aren’t small.

According to the latest estimates, Don Lemon’s salary is around $125,000, while his net is worth around $3 million.

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