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David A.R. White Net Worth – 2024

David A.R. White is a well-known American actor and producer. Besides his rich and long-lasting acting career, he is successful in the field of production. Given the fact that his talent is recognized both by the audience and the critics, the public eye has been very interested in his personal life. In case you want to read more about this actor, including the details from his life, bio, and net worth, take a look below.



Born in Dodges City, Kansas, on May 12, 1970,  White has been in the acting industry since he was 19. Around that age, he moved to California in search of new jobs and roles. From 1990 to 1994 he was a part of a sitcom called Evening Shade. Afterward, he pursued the career of an actor and producer with equal success. As a result, he founded a Pure Flix Entertainment – a company that specializes in the production of Evangelical Christian films. When it comes to the aspect of his career which is related to acting, he starred in numerous movies, along with some of the most famous Hollywood actors. His filmography includes movies such as Jerusalem Countdown, In the Blink of an Eye, Brother White, God’s Not Dead, etc.

Personal Life


White is interested in exploring the topic of Christianity. In that sense, the movies he produces are primarily related to the topic of religion. His father was a Mennonite pastor.

In 2003, White got married to Andrea Logan, who is also an actress and producer. However, in 2024 it was announced that the couple is getting a divorce. At that time, the couple announced that their main focus in the future is to successfully co-parent their three children.

Net Worth


The estimated net worth of this actor and producer in 2024 is around 12 million dollars. The majority of his incomes are related to his involvement in the production industry. Therefore, his earnings primarily come from his production company. Also, part of his earnings comes from the movies he stars in.

When it comes to social media, his fan base counts almost 150k followers from every part of the world. Hence, he uses this platform in order to promote his movies and share the news regarding the upcoming films with his followers.



White is one of the most significant figures when it comes to the exploration of the religion-themed movies in American cinematography. Not only does he explore it through the movies he produces and stars in, but he also often shares his views regarding Christianity. Therefore, his area of interest is tightly connected to the movies he makes. Further, throughout his career, the focus has always been on his work when it comes to the media. Hence, the actor does not like to share many details from his personal life to the public but chooses to let his art speak for himself.

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