Tom Selleck’s Partner

Most of the people on our planet that are older than 25 know who Tom Selleck is. But we will remind you a little bit about him, his career, and his personal life.

Tom is an American actor, a film producer, but also a war veteran. His most prominent role was in the TV series Magnum where he played the lead role of a private investigator named Thomas Magnum. And he even had an exciting role in the lovable TV show friends.

If you want to know more about the famous Magnum and his partner, be sure to stay with us.

The early life of Thomas Selleck

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Selleck’s birth town is Detroit, and he was born to Martha Selleck and Robert Selleck, a housewife and a real estate investor. Selleck was born a long time ago in 1945, and he has two brothers and a sister.

The family moved to California when Selleck was little. Tom graduated from Grant High School and started his higher education at Los Angeles Valley College. He was talented, so he got a basketball scholarship and moved to the University of Southern California. Selleck was majoring in Business Administration, but he was so good in the drama class that a drama coach told him he should try acting, and the rest is history. He never finished university, and he started studying acting at the Beverly Hills Playhouse.

He started working as an actor, and he has a few acting gigs, but he got drafted during the Vietnam War, and he needed to join the California National Guard. Today Selleck is very proud of his service, and he is a proud veteran, as he served in the 160th Infantry Regiment.

The love life of Tom Selleck

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Selleck was one of the most desirable men of Hollywood during his prime years. His first wife was model Jacqueline Ray. And they were married from 1971 to 1982. Their marriage didn’t last that long, but at that time, Tom adopted Jacqueline’s son, Kevin.

His second wife that he married in 1987, is Jillie Joan Mack, and the two of them are still married. Tom and Jillie have a daughter together, Hannah.

Selleck and his wife Jillie are very private about their marriage and love life, but they seem very happy. They live on a ranch, and Tom once said that he very much loves that life, away from everyone.

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It’s not easy to be a big star and have a private life and a happy marriage, but Tom managed to do that. He stated once that it’s essential to nurture your marriage and that for him, it helped to stay away from work the whole time. Selleck said that he loves Jillie very much and that their marriage was a priority of his. He thinks that she shouldn’t be away from his partner, and that’s because he decided to stay away from Hollywood and focus on his marriage.

What’s your opinion on that, and do you believe that his recipe could save other Hollywood marriages?

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