Brooklyn Decker Measurements

There are many beautiful women globally, and you must agree that one that’s beautiful is Brooklyn Decker.

Brooklyn Decker is an American model and an actress, very well known all across the world. She has a pretty face and a gorgeous body. So, if you are interested in knowing what Brooklyn’s measurements are, keep reading our story.

We’re going to share with you her measurements, but also some juicy details from her career.

How Brooklyn become a model

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Many girls would love to be models these days, and dream of that moment when someone will discover them. For Brooklyn, it was easy; she was discovered in a shopping mall, and all thanks to her outstanding beauty.

Brooklyn has blonde hair and blue eyes and has the looks of a supermodel. But not only looks are it essential for a great career in modeling, but you also need to have other qualities, but also to be very hard-working.

Brooklyn works very hard on maintaining her figure, and she trains with her personal trainer often. She always looks good and fit, but that’s just the result of her hard work and her diet.

She does plenty of core exercises and loves to do exercises for abs. She even does weight training with weights around 15 pounds and does around 10-15 reps with them.

Decker stays fit even when she is traveling and when her routine is not the same as usual. She always opts for running in situations like that because she doesn’t always have a gym nearby.

And Decker has one trick up her sleeve, before every photo-shoot she does a series of ab exercises, and after them, she is ready to shoot.

When it comes to her diet, she doesn’t eat junk food and tries to eat healthy and nutritious high foods. She eats a lot of small portions during the day, but all of them are very healthy. She doesn’t like to eat a lot, but she still craves ice cream and snacks most of the days.

The measurements of Brooklyn Decker

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For everyone wondering what her measurements were, here they are:

  • 36-24-34 in or 91.5-61-86 cm
  • Dress size 4 (US) / 36 (EU)
  • Bra size 36DD
  • Shoe size 8½

The Career of Brooklyn Decker

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Brooklyn has a great career, and she had her appearance in many magazines, and she also has many brand endorsements.

People know her best for her appearance in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue every year from 2006 to 2011.

She worked with Gap, Victoria’s Secret, American Eagle, and many more brands. We’ve mentioned that she is an actress too, and she did have some great appearances in some music videos and movies. She was featured in music videos of bands 3 Doors Down and Jimmy Buffett. And when it comes to movies, she had a role in the romantic comedy Just Go With It, and she even had a role in a TV show named Lipshitz Saves the World.

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