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Mat Best Net Worth – 2024

Mathew Alfred Best was born on October 2, 1985. He is a former United States Army Ranger, an entrepreneur, and internet personality.

He was born in El Paso, TX, but grew up in Santa Barbara, CA.

After he graduated high school, he joined the US Army. Best managed to serve five deployments with the 2nd Ranger Battalion before working as a private contractor for the Central Intelligence Agency.

Besides, Mat has a famous YouTube channel; he made his own movie and also published a memoir about his military service.

In addition to all this, he founded two companies- a coffee and clothing company.

Early life

Mat Best joined the US Army in 2007 when he was only 17 years old.

His father is a Marine, and he served in the Vietnam War. While his two brothers served in the Marine Corps as well, Matt had other plans.



Mat Best finished his basic military training when he was 18 years old.

After that, he was sent to the 2nd Battalion.

When his military service was done, Best worked as a contractor for a CA and deployed to a few overseas locations for the government agency.

When it comes to his hobbies, Mar enjoys hunting, shooting, and also training in MMA.

Acting and blogger career


In 2012, Best decided to try making a career in comedy. He started making unique satirical videos, which included the dirtiest jokes but also strong social values. He described it as part and parcel of his complex personality. His success came quickly, and it showed that comedy came naturally to him.

Mat started his acting career in 2015.

The movie Range 15, which was shot in 2016, is his most famous work. It tells the story of partying army veterans experiencing global scale zombie apocalypse. He was the one who produced the project as well.

Personal life


When it comes to his love life, Mat is a married man. His wife is a famous social media personality Noelle Best.

They had not shared the information when and how they met yet.

However, we do know that he is a loving and caring husband.

There was some information about him sitting in a public cafe with another girl, but these rumors turned out to be completely fake. Best and his wife are incredibly happy together. They do not have any children yet, but hopefully, it’ll change soon.

Net worth

Mat earns a lot of money from his business and career.

Even though his salary is unknown, Mat’s net worth is around $3.

Knowing that he is the CEO of a successful company, his fortune will increase even more.



When it comes to his body statistics, Best is 5 feet 11 inches tall. He has light brown hair and black eyes, while his skin tone is white.

Mat’s weight and other body measurements are disclosed.

This man taught us that no matter when you can start from the beginning, change your career, and still make became a huge success.

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