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Veronica Stigeler Net Worth – 2024

There are some men and women who managed to rise to fame thanks to their significant others.

Even though Veronica Stigler became a singer by trade, she gained recognition after she married the NFL star, Bill Cowher.

Her husband, William Cowher, better known as Bill Cowher, is an American football coach and was a former player for the Philadelphia Eagles. He is an NFL Hall of Famer who played as a linebacker.

Early life

Veronica Carla Stigeler was born on February 23, 1974, in New York City.

However, she managed to keep information about her parents and siblings private.

Stigeler holds American citizenship thanks to her birthplace. She is a Caucasian woman with a mix of European ancestry. When it comes to her education, she attended a local high school from her city.

Veronica showed her love for music from a very young age.

Even though this information isn’t confirmed, she probably started her career in a high school band and then carried that passion into college if she attended any.

Since her singing ability and guitar playing techniques are excellent, we can safely say that Veronica received some form of professional training.



She was born in 1974, which means she is currently 46 years old.

Even though she is approaching middle age, which is when most musicians try to leave the scene peacefully, Veronica does not want to let her passion die down.

Stigeler is a short woman, probably somewhere between 5’3 ″ (1.61 m) and 5’5 ″ (1.67 m). In contrast, her husband is an incredibly tall man towering at 6’4 ″ (1.93 m).

The musician tries to spread body positivity while also maintaining fitness.

Veronica has medium-length dark hair, which has always been her signature look.

She also has gorgeous green eyes, a pointed nose, and a squared face.



Stigeler has been a singer for more than half of her life. During that time, the New Yorker released a few singles, albums, and EPs.

Her songs like Best of Me, Slip Away, Good Girls, and Cry Your Eyes Out were the most listened to songs from her entire album. In addition to being a singer, Veronica is a songwriter and composer.

Veronica, a.k.a., Queen V, often performs live in bars and pubs around New York.

Some of them are Ulysses’ Folk House and The Cutting Room.

Interestingly, she conducts fundraisers during her shows to show her support to the LGBT community.

Veronica’s net worth


Stigeler has an impressive net worth of around $500k, considering she has been a musician for over two decades. It is quite a decent amount since she had a low profile musical pursuit.

However, her husband, Bill Cowher, has a whopping $18 million, and he is still making money even though he is 62 years old.



Veronica may have won Bill’s heart, but she was not the first to do it.

Both of them used to be married to different people.

Veronica previously tied the knot to an unnamed basketball player, but the relationship did not last long.

Bill’s first wife passed away in 2010.

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