DVD Slideshows: Best Occasions and Reasons to Use them

Life is becoming more sophisticated in many aspects. Today, browsing through still images is not as impressive, as thousands of other things compete for peoples’ attention. Service providers are bringing their A-game by adding more value to photo presentation.

Classic Memories, for example, creates customized DVD slideshows from photographs of your choice. You can choose any of the four packages available: basic, silver, gold, or platinum according to your budget and needs. If you are wondering what occasions are ideal for slide show presentations, read on.

Occasions Ideal for the Use of Slideshow Photo Presentations



Weddings are among the top best occasions for a slideshow photo presentation. It can feature as part of the program, or you may want to surprise your sibling or child with this very personalized gift. Wedding slideshows can play during a rehearsal dinner or at the wedding reception on a continuous loop.

Choose photos from different life stages for both the bride and groom, right up to their engagement.

Also, in your choice of pictures, including some thoughtful photos of significant family members like bride and brother, groom and mom, or even grandpa. Featuring a touching photo or two family members who have walked life with the bride or groom is an excellent way to celebrate them.

Include images that tell the story of the two love birds’ journey, like an engagement photo. While some people may feel comfortable showcasing only staged photos, candid ones that capture the unplanned moments work best. A slideshow can be a source of great entertainment for your guests when accompanied with music and video clips!


College graduation is a significant milestone worth celebrating. However, there are many other wins and highlights in between to note that should feature on this special day. Photos of the graduate throwing a fit on their first day in school will make the audience laugh. You may ask friends and family members for old photos that they would like featured to share. Give the guests a treat out of your childhood pictures as you take them on a fun trip down memory lane.

Birthday and anniversaries


In most cases, the jubilee celebration of birthdays and anniversaries are a big deal! Make it even more significant by hiring an expert to create a DVD slideshow that will treat your guests to some memorable moments of your life. For the old photos you want to be featured, Classic Memories offers quality scanning to digitize them prior to creating a DVD Slideshow for you.

Memorials and funerals

Death is ugly, but experts can make a beautiful story from the deceased’s life. Reminiscence is one beautiful form of human reflection and an excellent way to help people get through the grieving phase after losing a loved one. Viewing a slideshow dedicated to the life of the departed is therapeutic. A tribute in the form of a meaningful slideshow also helps the people who did not meet the departed connect. It is hard enough to mourn a loved one, do not subject yourself to the torture of creating a slideshow yourself. Call an expert who understands the work’s weight and can deliver a unique story within the required time.

All you will need to do is provide the images, music, and video clips you would like featured, as well as text. Work with your service provider to ensure that the tracks of your choice blend well with the visuals. As a rule of thumb, the music should change seamlessly to complement the visuals. Peaceful music and gentle instruments are a classic selection for memorial videos. Such rhythms complement solemn occasions and evoke calming and comforting thoughts.

Business Presentations and Pitching


Business experts understand the impact of visual effects in a presentation. Whether you pitch a business idea to potential partners or expand your customer base, slideshows have proven to be an ideal instrument. You have more convincing powers with a well-done slideshow, hence the need to hire an expert for the job. Most people try to save costs by creating a slideshow themselves, which may cause them to lose opportunities. Keep the presentation short, precise, and enjoyable. Ensure the pictures you use are relevant, sharp, and of high quality.

Why Use Slideshow?


Improve retention of the audience: Numerous studies and experts have confirmed that captivating motion pictures help improve the retention of information for any audience. People tend to remember more content or events when accompanied by images rather than of those sessions of pure theory.

Visual impact: Slide shows are a great way to increase visual impact, which is essential. When you see something, it impacts you more than when you only hear about it. The motion images, help in capturing the attention of an audience during a presentation.

Share experience: You can also use slideshows to share experiences better through the use of images.

Tell a story: Pictures tell a story, and by seeing, people will understand better. Through a slideshow, one will understand what words cannot explain.

Entertainment: Slide shows are used to make occasions merrier and the audience happy. Professionals use images, combine them with the most relevant tunes, and use words for entertainment purposes in gatherings like a family get together, birthdays, graduation, and even memorials.


Slideshows can make an otherwise good show brilliant when done by a professional who knows expertly how to arrange it. When choosing the video’s photos, consider the audience, and ensure you get the right music for the occasion. Also, the beats and words should seamlessly complement the visuals. Ensure that your content is short and exciting to keep the audience engaged to the end.

During the presentation, keep the screen blank if you are not playing the slideshow. This will keep people attentive to the happenings. Ask your slideshow expert to advice on the best playback options available.

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