Do You Need An International Driving Permit To Rent A Car In Greece?

Are you looking forward to exploring Europe? Would you like to leave the south of Europe and visit one of the top destinations? We are sure that you have already looked at Italy, Spain, and especially Greece and the beauties that this country has to visit. Would you like to travel to Athens or some other part of Greece, where you have not been before? If you answered yes, then you should consider renting a car before traveling abroad.

Renting a car in Greece is very convenient because you don’t have to worry about finding public transport or renting a taxi, and you can easily and simply reach each of the destinations that you plan. In addition, renting a car allows you to visit places not reachable via public transportation. Still, there are some things you need to know before you decide whether to rent a car or not. Read on for some helpful information.

A car rental company is one of the most important tools for visiting foreign countries because with the help of cars each of us can easily and simply without too much effort get to where we want to be. Rental companies offer tourists conveniences such as airport pick-up and drop-off, insurance, fuel options, car servicing, vehicle upgrades, and much more. You can get all these things from most of the rent-a-car services in Greece, so you can see that the service is complete and that you will get a perfect user experience. But will you be able to do that, that is, will you be able to rent a vehicle in Greece? Maybe she needs something extra, such as an international driver’s license?


Car rentals are also cost-effective for short trips, we all know that because of the amount that you can give for any other transport you can invest in renting a vehicle. However, if you plan to stay for longer periods, it might be better to rent a vehicle and enjoy your trip without too much effort. Keep reading to learn more about car rental in Greece to see if anything additional needs to be done, something that is significant to get a vehicle from the rental car company. However, before you go on vacation, you need to be prepared to leave knowing all the conditions, and one of them is the international driver’s license, and we will find out if you need it below.

  1. You do not need an International Driving Permit (IDP) to rent a car in Athens, Greece. However, if you intend to drive outside of the airport area, you should obtain an IDP before renting a vehicle. In addition, if you plan to drive on roadways outside of major cities, you may want to consider obtaining an IDP since it is mandatory in these locations, that is, all roads throughout the country. You need to have an international document of this nature, go to or one of the other rent-a-car services, and you can also go directly to one of the rent-a-car services and rent the vehicle. And then? Then enjoy the beauties of Athens, Thessaloniki, Santorini, or any of the other locations.

  1. Your credit card company may require that you have an IDP when renting. If you don’t have one, they will charge you an extra fee to cover insurance for non-residents. It is important to have this international document which guarantees your safety, as well as that of all other road users, and the course also with that respect the rules and regulations of Greece and the European Union, of which this country is a member. Therefore, keep this document with you and be sure that you will promptly complete this obligation that is due to you.
  1. Be sure to bring your passport along with you while renting a vehicle in Greece, and with it, you need to bring an international driver’s license. Why? Because during the season, but also outside of it, there are a large number of police checks on the roads in Greece, which are specially carried out on foreign citizens to see if they came with an international driver’s license or if they only have the one that valid in their country. If you don’t have this document you can face a sanction, and we are sure you don’t want that on your vacation. It is best to keep it safe in a hidden location inside the vehicle or some other safe place, and you can also keep them in your purse or bag.

  1. When renting a motor vehicle in Greece, make sure you understand the terms and conditions of your contract; especially any additional fees or surcharges. In addition, make sure that you have an international driver’s license because this document is mandatory for every type of vehicle that the driver will drive on any of the roads in Greece. To rent it and to manage it, it is important that you have a permit and that it is valid because only then will you respect the rules and laws of Greece. Otherwise, you will be breaking all the rules and regulations that Greece has prescribed for foreign tourists and visitors.
  1. Make sure that you read all of the information printed on your rental agreement and agree to its contents before signing. Also see if the information that you have such as an international document has been entered, but also that all the information found in the document has been entered. So you will be sure that the whole procedure and process is precisely and beautifully finished, and you can safely enjoy visiting all the places you have planned to visit in Greece.

It is not easy at all when you travel to a new destination for the first time, especially if it is Greece, a country in which there are a lot of rules since during the summer it is visited by a huge number of people from all over the world. However, make sure that you have this document with you and that you have correctly paid the rent of the vehicle so that you can enjoy your vacation in Greece carefree.

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