3 Signs You Need To Do Upgrade Your Digital Aerial

lAny form of technology we use will eventually need upgrades. While some remain updated and viable for a while longer, others may fall off quickly. Knowing when and how to replace pieces of your equipment is key to maintaining a fully functional slew of services in our household. Among these items, we have digital aerials.

These items provide our home with TV reception, upgrading them secures a reliable and good TV reception in our household. However, it may be difficult to discern when these upgrades are needed, especially if you haven’t dealt with aerials much before. For the sake of understanding when to upgrade your aerial, check your item for these telltale signs that it’s due for an upgrade.

Things to know about TV aerials to start with


The thing with TV aerials is that just about any aerial can do the job of transmitting digital signals. The best part about this is that even the older TV aerials are completely capable of fulfilling any type of transmitting job at a pretty decent level.

However, there are still reasons why you’d wish to replace them. The most frequent reason being that our current TV aerial isn’t giving us the best reception. This can happen due to a slew of reasons, one of them being poor maintenance.

Even older TV aerials are known for their longevity so their misbehaving doesn’t come through without a reason. The reason is usually lack of proper maintenance. This can include even the most basic things such as removing debris from our TV aerial to more complex dealings such as cables wearing off and malfunctioning because they haven’t been taken care of.

Of course, these issues can be solved if caught on time. A simple cleaning job doesn’t take long to do and if we have deeper problems with the aerial we can contact professionals to take a look at the device. If you require TV aerial professionals to service your TV aerial check tv-aerials-uk for some quick and easy repairs. If the issues aren’t as bad you could quickly resolve them with a single call and may not need an upgrade.

1. There is no display on the TV


The first sign that something is off would be immediately noticeable when you turn the TV on. If the TV is on but has no picture being displayed on it, there’s definitely an issue going on. It’s even worse if the error message following it says “searching”. This would, usually, be solved in a few seconds after the TV locates the required data to display. However, some situations may have the error message persisting without any change to the picture happening. This means that the issue runs far deeper, usually all the way to your TV aerial.

The TV gets its signals from the TV aerial itself, with it malfunctioning there will be no signal. If you notice the lack of picture happening with your TV there are two things you should do.

Firstly, take a look at your TV aerial. Are there any big obstructions on it? Sometimes branches can end up falling on our antenna, screwing up the signal. There could also be some heavy bends and damages occurring due to these obstructions that can cause the issues.

Secondly, if there are no apparent obstructions and the TV aerial looks fine, call up professionals. They will be able to conduct a proper check on your TV aerial and give you the solution. In case the diagnosis discerns that your TV aerial has run its course, it would be wise to use this opportunity to upgrade to a newer model. Same professionals can offer reliable information on good models that will serve you just as well, if not better, as your TV aerial did.

2. Sudden cuts of signal

Nobody likes suddenly losing the picture when they are watching their favorite show. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what could happen to you if your TV aerial starts having issues suddenly. The frequent loss of signal is a definite sign that something is going down with the TV aerial.

While unstable signal could be caused by sudden interference in our vicinity, said interference will usually clear within a few days, assuming it’s something that’s being worked on. However, if it doesn’t then your TV aerial may have a much bigger problem than first suspected.

The cuts are very much a sign of your TV aerial needing an upgrade no matter what the cause of its malfunction is. These issues could come and go in some cases so replacing the TV aerial as soon as possible is usually suggested.

3. There are channels missing or mostly covered in static


Although the number of available channels we have may be big, they are meaningless if they mostly show static. Losing picture constantly makes the experience of watching TV cumbersome at best and frustrating at worst. Usually, we decide not to even bother with those channels, rendering them meaningless to own.

Sometimes, the issue with these channels may come from certain TV stations having issues with the transmission. The same principle applies here just like it does with the other categories. If the problem is resolved after a bit, there’s no need to take any actions, if it persists then an upgrade may be in order.

Not only can upgrading our TV aerial provides us with a clearer picture, better reception, and an item that’s clear of any malfunctions our previous one accumulated over the years of use, it could lead to some new services being available too.


As we’ve seen from previous examples, the best time to switch out your TV aerial and upgrade it is when you are having heavy issues with it. The issues may come from TV aerial being way too old, damaged, or unfortunate malfunctions that happen due to sudden power surges. Whatever the case may be, it’s best if we get on it as soon as possible and get an upgraded one that will provide us with good reception. The enjoyment of watching television shouldn’t be compromised by bad TV aerials.

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