Best Inverter Battery in India: A Checklist to Follow Before Buying One

The world that we live in is driven by electricity. Electrical power has made everything convenient, from appliances and gadgets to all electronics. But what happens when the electric supply is disrupted? Do we stop our regular functioning or look for an alternate power source?

The best inverter battery in India is a secondary source of power that steps in when conventional grid-supplied power is discontinued. It can be peak summers or winters; the best inverter battery in India is the need by every household.

Considering the huge responsibility that the inverter-battery combo shoulders, researching the best inverter battery in India have become critical. As we move to understand some tips before purchasing the best inverter battery in India, let’s look at the way battery operates.

How Does an Inverter Battery Work?


A battery is a device that contains chemical energy and converts it into electrical energy. They consist of two electrical terminals called the cathode and anode, and in between exists an electrolyte.

The best inverter batteries in India work by accepting or releasing energy through an external circuit. Electrons move in the circuit when the ions move through the electrolyte. The batteries become rechargeable when the electrons and ions can move in any direction through the circuit and electrolyte.

Electric energy is produced when the movement is from the anode to the cathode, and the battery starts to discharge when the movement is from the cathode to the anode.

Components of the Best Inverter Battery in India


A single assembled piece of the battery comprises the following components:

  1. Electrolytes: It is a medium containing ions that electrically conducts the movement of these ions.
  2. Terminals: These are the sides carrying a positive and negative charge.
  3. Separators: It separates the positive and negative charge, thereby preventing a short circuit. They are mostly made of rubber.
  4. Displays and Alarms: Informs about the condition of batteries.
  5. Microprocessor-Based Circuits: It controls charging.

Types of Best Inverter Batteries in India

  • GEL Batteries: It is one of the best inverter batteries in India because it is sturdy and easy to maintain. They are similar to lead-acid batteries but have silica inside them. They are spill-proof, sealed, controlled by a valve, and environment-friendly.
  • Flat Plate Battery: It is like a typical lead acid battery and is called flat plated because of its shape. They are known as the best inverter batteries in India because they can supply power to high-current applications because of the larger surface area of the plates.
  • Tubular Plate Battery: If you are looking for the best inverter battery in India, consider a tubular plate battery. It’s a lead acid battery, wherein the positive plate is tubular, and the negative plate is shaped as a flat plate.

Tips to Choose the Best Inverter Battery in India

  • Battery Type: Depending on the need and budget, you can decide if you want to purchase a lead or a lithium-ion battery. Both types are reliable and provide good power backup. It is why they are considered the best inverter batteries in India.
  • Power Output: The best inverter battery in India can provide high power output. It is measured in kW. One can understand output in two forms. It is peak and continuous. Peak output is the rate the battery can reach for a short span during a high-demand period. And the continuous output is the rate of electricity a battery can provide.
  • Cycles of a Battery: The number of times a battery can undergo charges and discharges during its lifetime is crucial to understanding its capacity. This factor plays a huge role in understanding if it truly is the best inverter battery in India.
  • Installation: Consider what kind of installation will suit the space you have for the battery. A lead acid battery needs a well-ventilated area, and you must consider where you would like to install it.

One can consider other factors such as warranty, maintenance, inverter type, and others before selecting the battery. But remember to check a reputed brand such as Luminous if you want the best inverter battery in India.

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