7 Fastest Way to Make Gold in WoW Classic – 2024 Guide

Everyone has some game, or at least some type of games they enjoy playing, and since there is much improvement in the tech field, the overall gaming experience is only getting better. Online multiplayer games are dominant today, and that is no surprise because they offer something new, and among these games, one stood up as one of the most popular, and yes, we are talking about WoW. The vast offer of character, the variety and number of quests, the team play, and the constant need to level up are just some of the reasons why this game is popular all over the world. But, in order to level up, as the whole point of the game is to do so, one needs equipment and to complete quests, and although grouping with other players by using the game’s Party Sync will help with that, having enough gold is also a must. There are many ways you can get gold, but we all want to find the fastest one so that we can dedicate our time to what really matters – leveling up, so let’s have a look at some of the things you can do to make gold, fast.

1. Try to use raw gold farming

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Many new players are avoiding this way of earning, or they are maybe just forgetting about it because it is one of the oldest ones, but it is definitely worth mentioning. That means that farming bats in some different areas can bring us many items with high vendor values, and although it is not an effective trade like on the auction house, it can be useful for our further playing. The items that farming bats can provide are different, and depending on what you need, you can choose the ideal one and make the most of it.

2. Use the auction house

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This is the obvious one, but although you can find, sell, buy, and trade all that you need and want, there are some tricks to make quick gold. Of course, it is crucial to understand how the market works in order to use the auction house and make enough gold by selling and buying items at it. If someone is good at that, the best thing is that they can make enough gold without leaving the city, which can make playing the game much easier and finding a solution to many problems much faster. It is not that hard as it looks, and the main tactic is to buy some item at the lowest price and sell it when the price arises. That may look a little like a stock market, and the outcome is the same – if you guess it right, you will have a lot of gold, but if you are wrong, you will lose everything. Because of that, it is necessary to understand the market well and to do the proper research before deciding that it is the best way to earn gold.

3. Upgrade the bags

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It is about not spending too much time managing the inventory, a time you can use to grid, but that’s not all, as we all know that bags are pretty expensive, which is why going to a tailor to make you new bags for a small fee is the best choice. This is just one piece of advice, and the other one is to loot, as by doing so you will be able to get many new items, and since everything has a certain price, doing so could make you money along the way.

4. Buy cheap gold

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Although it is a pretty obvious one, the fastest way to make some gold is to buy them. Of course, the popularity of WoW is vast, and since that’s the case, there are a lot of websites where one can purchase wow classic gold at a certain price, but there are also many scams, and the prices can vary. That is why finding a reliable and trustworthy website to buy wow classic gold like Mywowgold is of utmost importance, as it will speed up the whole process so that you can enjoy playing WoW without having to worry about anything else.

5. Crafting can be a reliable income

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Crafting is usually one of the main sources of income for all the players, and it is hard to avoid it, but it is necessary to know that it is impossible to start making gold by crafting if there is no start-up capital. This capital should be between ten and twenty gold and about 150 skill points, and it is used for creating crafting professions that will help us make more money. Keep in mind that it is normal to lose some money at the beginning before the crafts become good enough to get higher incomes. As you build up your character and advance through the game, the craft will be on the higher level, and once that happens, it will be much easier to earn money. The best thing is the possibility of negotiation with the supplier for the lower price of materials you need to create your crafts.

6. Do not waste money on unnecessary skills

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We should follow this tip in real life and just when playing games, and although we understand that once you start playing WoW, you want to explore, see, and check all the options, which leads to upgrades, even though some of those upgrades are not that needed, or required. We all think that it is necessary to upgrade our players all the time and to learn all the skills we can, once we start playing WoW, but it is not like that, because the truth is that some of them are essential for our characters, and the other ones, a vast majority, we will never use. That is the reason to always think twice before wasting gold on upgrading the skills we will never use since doing so is getting expensive pretty fast. By avoiding unnecessary upgrades, we will save up to thirty gold before level 40, which will make things much easier for us later.

7. Swim for it

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It may look funny for many people that the advice for earning some gold is – go swimming, but the truth is that it is possible to find many chests and mineral nodes at the bottom of the lake, and it is possible to find them only by entering the lake because they will not appear on the map. Once we enter the lake and get submerged, the radar will show us where we should look, which will speed up the whole quest and make getting gold much easier.

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