Discussing CBD Oil Positives And What Makes A Tincture

The genetic makeup and creation of what we know today as a tincture is more involved, as well as evolved, than we may realize, but intriguing to say the least. Essentially, when people first began using CBD as an active ingredient in their lifestyles and health regimes we assumed that tincture was the little brown dropper bottle we see in antique shops or apothecaries.

As much as we tend to love a vintage addition to the medicine cabinet or pantry on how or why it is the color it is and how it has progressed through the ages), the concentrated liquid within the orange-tinged bottle, which has been mixed to a specific combination, is the star of the show.

The creation

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So, what is an organic herbal tincture, well in simple terms it is a solution made by soaking naturally grown products in alcohol or vinegar.

These can be any combination of plants and leaves, bark or berries, and even the stalks and roots of flowers, all left to soak in the ethanol liquid as the essential minerals and vitamins are extracted.

The tincture ‘remedy’ as it was known for centuries has many advantages and one of the main reasons why it has been around for so long.

It is easily made in the comfort of your home – click this link for a beginner’s guide to making your version in the kitchen -, using ingredients that are quickly sourced, and your shopping list won’t cost you an arm and a leg to purchase all the supplies.

While some believe that herbal medicine ‘concoctions’ aren’t medicine as such, with modern technological advances we can see this is proving incorrect, and more so when it comes to CBD – a plant extract taken from the marijuana plant.

What is CBD?

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The textbook definition shows the full name to be Cannabidiol and it is an essential and active ingredient in the marijuana plant. The extraction process, however, of which CO2 is documented to be the best and most efficient method resulting in the least amount of sediment at the end of the process, takes the negative THC ingredient out of the mix thus making it safe for animals and human consumption.

CBD by itself does not cause a psychoactive experience as the THC element responsible for the hallucinogenic effect is taken out. Therefore you must read the labels on CBD products and packages to ensure that if any THC is present (it is highly unlikely that every drop of THC can be removed) it is at a percentage of 0.3 or less.

The plus side of using CBD oil

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The medical industry is increasingly opening its eyes to the modern advances of the CBD ingredient and has proven to aid in some of the most severe (and heartbreaking) cases of childhood epilepsy.

Seizures have been documented as significantly reducing over a mere few weeks to months and in some instances eliminated, even for this reason alone is it not worth researching and finding out more about CBD and how it can benefit your life?

In animals as well as humans using CBD oil in combination with the daily nutritional meal plans helps with improved moods and morale, treatment of inflammation of joints and muscles, and targeting chronic pain areas to give you the chance to live the quality of life you deserve.

What you do need to ensure though, which can be the difference between a great or bad experience, is purchasing from a reliable supplier. Too many poor-quality products are on the market at prices that –for good reason- seem too good to be true, do your research and homework and order from a trusted source.

Finding a reputable CBD supplier

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The top recommended companies usually have a website where you can purchase from, with visible contact details, and test results showing that the product is grown, harvested and manufactured using ethical and regulated methods.

If you have any concerns or uncertainty about which product is best suited to you and your needs, chatting to an industry professional is your best option. They can advise you on the best fit of product in terms of oils, supplements, or capsules, and use their expertise to guide you on how to go about choosing.

You want to feel comfortable and confident when purchasing your products whether for the first time or as a regular client and companies such as cheefbotanicals understand that customer service and care is what makes a brand. Looking after their customers and ensuring they receive a product that will offer them a new outlook on life, aid them in any health issues or ailments they may be feeling, is a firm that prides itself on a product well-made.

A final thought

CBD has been around for centuries dating back to ancient Greek, Roman, and Egyptian times and is increasingly sought after as we learn more about it. Incorporating this ingredient into oils which are added to foods and baked goods, topical to absorb easily into the skin, and as supplements or capsules to take on the run with your morning coffee is one that is not going anywhere soon.

We have been given a healthier alternative to the chemical-filled medicinal products we know today, and if the effect is the same if not better, then what have you got to lose.

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