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How to Get the Username of an inactive Instagram Account – 2024 Guide

Are you an Instagram user yourself? If you are setting up your profile for the first time you probably have questions. Sometimes, most of us will have the perfect hashtag and idea in mind, as well as the best username that truly reflects our energy, and represents us for who we are! However, you might face the issue of that username already being taken and owned by someone else. If this sounds like the worst-case scenario just know that there are some ways on how you can fix & overcome this issue. For instance, that profile may be inactive or abanded, and you might be in luck when it comes to its rightful (future) owner. Keep on reading and understand why & how to obtain it.

Top 5 tips on how to get someone’s username and what to do


1. You can buy the username

There are loads of market options where you can purchase an alternative name. On there you can find different usernames that range in price from a couple of dollars to thousands! Most Instagram names have been monitored by people who were willing to invest in these accounts ages ago since they knew that, at one point, they were going to become big. This sudden change and demand for a specific handle can be due to a movie, song, or anything big & major that is going on at the moment, such as a global event, market crash, Bitcoin craze – pretty much anything.

2. Send them a message

If you see a name that you really love, but the person that owns it hasn’t posted in a year or so over their profile, this doesn’t mean that its owner isn’t using the account to watch stories or talk with friends. This is why you should hop over and slide into their DMs. Start the conversation and see if they are interested in selling you their profile, and see what is their preferred price rate. Look into their bio and see if there are some other ways for you to contact them, such as an email or their phone number (do this if they don’t respond to your DM). You will find a way to contact them eventually. However, if they don’t respond within a week or so, you might have a hard time figuring out what to do next.

3. There are Instagram purge sessions

Have you heard about these purge sessions before? If you want to get one specific account just know that there are sites and a proper database where you can find them. There is a chance that inactive accounts are going to be owned and purchased by the Instagram database in itself. Instagram never announces these sales and purges, which is a downside since you won’t get a heads up before the shopping spree begins, so you should do extensive research and use your detective skills each day to ensure that you catch on to this change.

4. Get an alternative name

Although this may seem like a simple piece of advice and like something so obvious, you should know that choosing a similar username and an alternative to yours can work out. You can do the smallest change, such as add an underscore or a number to slightly switch it up. Did you know that your chosen name can have up to 30 characters? Talk about variety & flexibility in this case! Give it a couple of randomized guesses, and try to see how the results look like. Which name appeals to you the most, and are you overall satisfied with this minor switch-up? Only stick to it if it is your last resort.

5. Tip for professional & larger businesses when it comes to your IG handle

Are you a company, or a larger corporation that is running their business? Well, oftentimes, popular & larger companies, as well as some brands, will want to get social and popular through different media. Nowadays the most popular and common social network is Instagram. The best way to come off as a serious business is to add the word ”official” to your business. You can place it at the beginning of the end of your name. You can also add your city name over your handle, so others will know where you’re from and where your business is located.

Most asked questions when it comes to Instagram inactive accounts


1. How long will it take for a username to become available after the person deletes their account?

Playing this waiting game may not be the most fun & unique experience that you can go for. However, if you are a patient person you won’t mind waiting around. In most cases, you won’t have to wait for longer than a couple of hours to create & overtake the same account. However, the time-consuming part is knowing when the person is going to delete his or her account.

2. Does Instagram delete old & inactive accounts?

Believe it or not, yes, Instagram does act on its own and they will do this step if someone has been inactive for way too long. Usually, this will happen sometimes by the end of the year and they will put out the purge sale. If you haven’t posted in over a year (yet you want to keep your account) rather upload a picture or two, just to be safe rather than sorry.

Where to get proper help when it comes to your username & Instagram handle?


If you are still confused and in need of assistance when it comes to your Instagram handles and usernames you should just click here! Fresh Engagements will help you get an inactive username and overtake an account that has been inactive or hasn’t uploaded a picture for 1.5 years or more. As long as your desired username is over six characters long, it could be available for your use! Let them do the process for you and stop playing the waiting game and start owning that account as of today.

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