5 Tips and Tricks for Gearing Up Faster in World of Warcraft

Playing is a child’s primary way of learning about himself, others, and his environment. Like such, play is a spontaneous and voluntary activity that is special to each child. In today’s time of technology development, we have come across one new type of game, it is a virtual game. Today’s computers and console players have allowed us to spend hours exploring the fantastic worlds available to us in video form games. Whether it’s playing games on consoles, smartphones, or computers, young people around the world see this as a way to spend their free time, relax, and enjoy themselves. Some went a step further and saw in this the perfect opportunity to have fun, but also to make money. Professional gamers make millions by competing with other players and streaming the game.

For years, there has been talking of the negative impact of video games on people’s physical and mental health, which is true if you spend too much time playing. However, moderate play can greatly contribute to the development of certain skills such as the power of proper judgment, quick decision making, improved power of observation, and so on.

As everything changes throughout history, so do many changes in the video game industry. There are many genres such as action games, strategy games, sports games, simulations, adventure games, and many others.

One of those that young people enjoy playing is World of Warcraft. Ten billion dollars. One hundred million user accounts. Ten million active subscribers. Five expansions. Annual earnings exceeding the earnings of 26 countries. All this speaks to the quality and popularity of WoW. World of Warcraft, the world’s largest massively multiplayer role-playing game (MMORPG), was launched on November 23, 2004, as the successor to Warcraft strategy games and immediately went down in history. This is one of the RPG games that has held the interest of many players for 17 years. With the release of each new expansion, we can notice that Blizzard has done its best to draw and animate and that they are getting better. Many find it simply unbelievable that a game maintains a community like World of Warcraft for such a long period of time, especially when a subscription is required to play. However, no matter how interesting and good the game is, passionate players want to raise it to a higher level or boost the game. By this, we mean gearing up, which can be done with a few tricks.

1. Work on your playing technique


In order for your game to be more productive, you need to practice and explore as much as possible. Try to be focused on the game, and to pay attention to the playing techniques of your opponents, because it is still an MMORPG game.

2. Watch the tutorials


We mentioned that gamers are happy to stream the game because it is a way to earn and show how much skill there is in the game, which is definitely good for other players because they will always learn something new.

3. Buy boost


One of the safest and easiest ways to improve the game and “strengthen” your player is this one and it is something that players do very often. Boosting is a term used when players accelerate progress through the game with methods that developers did not anticipate or do not want to use. For example, you can arrange with friends to join an opposing team and you kill them and collect points and ranks based on that, or simply use the boost as a purchase of various gadgets that will strengthen your character. Check here to find more about it.

4. Take breaks


To improve the quality of the game, it is important to take breaks, stretch your legs, rest your eyes from the screen. This will positively affect your concentration and you will return ready to continue the game.

5. Equipment and gaming room


Players will certainly be more interesting and better if you have good computer equipment, a comfortable ergonomic chair, but also an interior that gaming requires – dimmed lights, darker curtains, a lazy bag in which you will be able to lean back while resting.

The impressive success of the MMORPG game World of Warcraft has earned more than ten billion dollars in ten years of existence, and with an average annual income of more than a billion dollars, Blizzard earns more than 26 of the world’s poorest countries from the game. All of this tells us that this game is well worth playing.

Playing video games that involve creating and leading a team, recruiting allies, formulating joint plans, listening to the ideas of other players, distributing tasks, and making decisions for the benefit of the team, helps the player develop social characteristics that are necessary for a person to be a good team player, but also a team leader. Computer games and video games were created for fun, which is their main goal, but they have several educational advantages. Because of its gameplay mechanics, sophisticated, the scripts and content of some computer games can be used for educational purposes since students require thinking when making decisions while playing. Games can develop cognitive, emotional, and motor skills.

Final thoughts

Video games are becoming more widespread and the answer to the question of the consequences of playing them is becoming increasingly important. Previous research on this topic is often concluded diametrically differentiated. The possible cause is that there are thousands of different video games, and new ones are created every day that get new technical, visual, and content properties, and the negative and positive consequences of playing video games do not depend not only on the frequency of playing but also about the way of playing and the type (genre) that is played.

The video game industry and its market today have become too large and important to be neglected. Throughout its history, the market has dealt with a variety of pressures and threats that most have successfully overcome, thus providing some security for a better future. The key to success has certainly been the adaptations and innovations made within the industry itself.

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