How to Get Better at the Mage Tower Challenge in World of Warcraft?

Every gamer is emotionally attached to the games they play and their Xbox or PS unit. As a result, hitting a snag when playing a game can bring upon shame and can frustrate you to a point when you’d just want to give up. One such snag that players encounter in the gaming realm of World of Warcraft is the Mage Tower Challenge. However, people who are new to the game might ask, what exactly is a Mage Tower?

So, a Mage Tower is a building that players can construct at the Deliverance Point on the Broken Shore. Players who have completed the construction of the Mage Tower can unlock Fel treasures and one of the four changing buffs to help them move forward with the game.

Once a player is through with the construction of a Mage Tower, they will have access to the following Fel treasures that can hype their game:

  • Artifact Challenges: You can access the challenges by the Council of Six, allowing players to put their skills and might to the test. Artifact Challenges offer the most exciting quests in the game and will have you hooked in no time.
  • Veiled Wyrmtongue Chests: If you want to uncover the treasures of Veiled Wyrmtongue, let the power of the Mage Tower pulsate through the Broken Shore to unravel one of the most lucrative chest quests in the game.
  • Portal Network: If you want to move swiftly around the realm of Broken Isles, get access to Kirin Tor and get yourself the edge in the game.

The changing buffs offer the players the following magical powers:

  • Knowledgeable: When a player loots an item that entails an Artifact power in a dungeon or raid, the chances are that this feature will grant you a bonus Artifact power token.
  • Light as a Feather: The power allows players to water walk while being mounted
  • Power Overwhelming: Once you have completed the world quests, you will get a chance to unlock an extra Artifact Power token.
  • Reputation: Your Armies of Legionfall can experience a gain in reputation by 30%.

Attempting the Artifact Challenge


A player is required to fulfil the following requirements before it can go for the artifact challenge.

  • You are a level, 110 certified player
  • Players must have at least 35 Artifact traits
  • You must also have completed the Empowered Trait Questline with a score of at least 7.2 to access the newest traits.

For a player to attempt the challenge, the construction of the Mage Tower must be complete, which will be up for at least three days at a time. However, it is advised that you complete the quest within the legion to transmog to this appearance in future expansions.

You can speak to War Councilor Victoria once the construction completes to embark on the Artifact challenge. Players must also note that completing the challenge on the first go is crucial because it will be available to you for free only the first time. All subsequent attempts will cost you 100 Nethershards.

The artifact challenge is going to be complicated, and it will test your skills as a player. Better gear and more traits can make the quest a tiny bit easier. However, you will be required to demonstrate your skill to cross this level.

Mage Tower in the Battle of Azeroth


The battle of Azeroth entails a more recent feature. In this scenario, the Mage Tower is going to be up permanently as of June 26. As a result, you don’t have to wait for the building to pop every week. Blizzard has set everyone’s Artifact weapon to 75 traits by default to aid them in the battle. However, to unlock this feature, you will have to complete a short questline.

How can you get better at the challenge?


There are seven challenges in total, and each challenge requires the player to show their skills and specializations based on which one you decide to beat. However, players can follow a few general rules to help complete the Mage Tower challenge. If you wish to give your character the necessary boost, visit

  • The most crucial thing to remember while embarking on the Mage Tower Challenge is to prioritize items that will expire soon. It usually entails Emissaries or Invasion Points, and you must utilize them tactfully.
  • While you are gearing up to undertake the Mage Tower Challenge, a Legion Invasion can start on the Broken Shore. Consider this as an opportunity to gather a handful of Nethershards required to enter the Mage Tower Challenge. We recommend that you do all the six world quests and then the scenarios at the end. As a result, you will be able to gain enough Nethershards to perform as many attempts as possible. Invasions can spawn every 18 hours, and you can check on the front page of World of Warcraft to verify whether there are any surprise invasions coming up.
  • Planning is another virtue that you must possess while playing this game. Players must plan out their weekly resets. Every player gets a new set of weekly quests on Tuesdays for the Veiled Argunite, LFR reset, and Mythic+ cache. Ensure that you take as much advantage as possible before you begin with the Mage Tower Challenge.
  • Players struggling to complete a particular challenge can consider taking a break! There’s no point beating yourself up to the point that it will drive you crazy. A few challenges are tough and frustrating. Therefore, give yourself a week or two to gear up for the challenge before going in circumvented.
  • You must also prioritize the activities you are performing. As a player, if you cannot devote a lot of time to the game, pick out activities and quests you think will help your character develop more and do them.
  • The Mage Tower stays on the Broken Shore for 3 days, and it usually takes 4 or 5 days to spawn again. As a result, if it appears on a Monday, you must wait for the next two days to begin your attempts.

The Bottom Line

So, here is everything you need to know about the Mage Tower Challenge in World of Warcraft. Follow the tips closely for the ultimate gaming experience.

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