Can Cell Phones Be Tracked When They Are Off – 2024 Guide

If you’re someone who keeps losing things it’s probably a good idea to think about ways you can keep track of your phone in case you lose it. Let’s face it, losing a phone would certainly be harder to bear than losing any other property, so it’s important to think in time about how to prevent these situations. We all know that it can be easy to find a phone when it is turned on, but what if that is not the case? Can cell phones be tracked when they are off? Let’s discuss this topic.

Why would you want to track a phone?


There are several different reasons why people would want to be able to track their own or someone else’s phone. As already mentioned, if you continue to lose your belongings, it is only a matter of time before you will not be able to find the phone in your bag or pocket and when you will start to panic. In these situations it would be helpful to have information on how to find your phone.

This may not be your specific case, and you might be someone who doesn’t lose their stuff. However, you may want to have some certainty that you will be able to easily find your phone if something unforeseen happens. Also, phone tracking these days is a good way for parents to have an insight into where their child is at all times. This can be very useful if used the right way. You should never spy on your children, but if they let you follow their phone, it can be very responsible behavior.

How can you track a phone?


Tracking a switched-on phone is more than a simple task these days, thanks to the many tools available in this field. There are many free phone trackers that you can use to track your phone or your child’s phone. ‘Find my device’ is one of the apps with which you can find your phone in just a few seconds, and the same goes for tracking your phone with Google Maps. However, it is essential that you install these apps before you need to track your phone. Once you create an account, you will be able to use it via your computer and thus discover the location of your iPhone or Android. We suggest that you immediately install these apps on your phone and ensure that you will be able to use them to find your mobile device if necessary.

Does the phone have to be connected to the internet to be tracked?

The good news is that, regardless of whether your iPhone or Android is connected to the internet, you can track it with the help of GPS via various apps. Today on app stores you can find free phone trackers that will help you find your phone when you need it or find out where your child is even when their phone is not connected to mobile data.

You can read more about one such app at

This free phone tracker works by sending GPS information about where the phone is located. This data is sent to the control panel every half hour and stored permanently so that it can be used when necessary.

Is it possible to track a phone that is in airplane mode?


Although there are many ways to find lost phones these days, even when they are turned off or not connected to the internet, there are still some limits. For example, when the phone is in airplane mode, it does not transmit any information. For this reason, it is not possible to detect it, so you will be sentenced to a manual search. Therefore, we do not recommend putting your phone in this mode except when flying. In all other circumstances – avoid getting into unfavorable situations.

Can cell phones be tracked when they are off?

And the main question: can mobile phones be tracked when they are turned off? The answer to this question depends on the phone. In case you have an iPhone, you can use the Find my device app to discover the location of the phone. But keep in mind that the location detected will be the one where the phone was last turned off. In case it has been moved in the meantime you will not be able to know exactly where it is using this app. Another tool you can use to find turned off iOS devices is ‘Bluetooth location’. This feature needs to be turned on beforehand so you can use it to find your phone.

An option you can use with your Android device is to check your Google location history. In case your phone is connected to a Google account, you will be able to see the movement of your phone and discover its last location where it was switched on.

Is there a difference between a switched off phone and a phone whose battery has died?

Technically, it doesn’t matter if your mobile device is just turned off or the battery is dead. In both cases, the phone no longer emits a signal and is not connected to the Internet, so it is necessary to take the steps we mentioned, which will depend on the type of phone you have.

Can the police find my phone that is switched off?


While many people think that the police have their own ways of finding a phone even if it is turned off, the fact is that their methods are not much different from those you, as an average citizen, can apply. However, what the police can do, and you can’t, is ask the operator to block and track your phone based on your IMEI number. In case you are convinced that someone has stolen your phone, we definitely advise you to contact the police and ask them what they can do for you.


Phone tracking can be a very useful thing for several reasons. In case you often lose things, this can be a salvation if the same happens with your mobile device. On the other hand, free online tracking apps can be of great help to parents in order to be familiar with where their child is at all times. If the phone is turned off, it can be quite challenging to determine its true location. However, with the help of the iPhone or Android phone tool, you will be able to determine the last location where the phone was turned on and with a little luck you will find it quickly.

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