Is Fluoride in Drinking Water Good or Bad for your Health – 2024 Guide

Most of us try to make healthy decisions when it comes to what we eat or drink. We try to save our health and the health of those dearest to us. Sometimes these decisions are difficult when there is so much misinformation around us.

Today, luckily, you will get educated about fluoride in your water and whether it is safe or not for you and your family. The article today will give you some hard facts about this and it is up to you to decide whether this is or isn’t a viable health option. Did you know that nearly 3 out of 4 people on public water systems, that lives in the US, are in a place where their community has decided to adjust fluoride in the water to the optimal level that will prevent cavities?!


On average those people have 25% fewer cavities than communities that don’t have fluoride in their water systems. This means that there are also 25% fewer trips to the dentist, fewer missed days from school and work… Fluoridated water helps prevent cavities and decay that is created by food and drink. Fluoride neutralizes sugars that are left from this food and drinks and protect and strengthens your teeth. Every reputable health and medical organization, as well as CDC, ADA and WHO, recommend using fluoridated water for these purposes. 

For those that don’t want it in their water, there are different solutions that you can learn about at HouseHoldMag. But that is enough facts, let’s see if it is that good for your health!

The good

As we already stated Fluoride is something you can find in soil and water and tiny quantities it is essential to life. When it is combined with oxygen it is nicknamed glass eater while fluoride in combo with calcium, phosphorus and oxygen can re-strengthen the hardest substance in the human body – bone. 

Its primary use in the water is to minimize the decay of teeth and to prevent cavities in young children and adults. Fluoridation is something that is only to prevent health issues with residents and nothing else. As you saw from the intro part, it is recommended by CDC, American Dentist Association as well as World Health Organization. There are no conspiracy theories and there is no mass attempt to poison or weaken the nation.


Fluoride is natural and it is naturally in water supplies already in certain countries and regions. There have been no indications that those countries, regions or states have more or fewer problems than those that don’t use fluoride in their water. It is necessary to keep good teeth healthy and with it the overall health of your and your family’s organism.

You have all heard the saying “The dose makes the poison”! This should ring in all of your ears because if you have too much of something good, it will quickly turn into something bad. This saying includes almost anything as well as fluoride levels in your water. You have to be aware that there are government agencies and departments that are there to follow the amounts of fluoride in your community drinking water supplies. They do this because they are all aware that it is naturally found everywhere around you and they keep the water supplies regulated with just the necessary levels. Not every community, country or region has the same levels in their water. This is something that should put you to ease when it comes to this.

The bad

Well, to be honest, there are no researches or pinpoint data that clearly shows that there can be something wrong with you when drinking fluoridated water. Most mention a few things like yellowing teeth with children, cancer, weak bones, heart conditions and problems. All of this is mainly hear-said and there is no bulletproof evidence that can support this.

Cancer levels have not increased, decreased or changed in any measurable way in communities where they have fluoridated water vs those that don’t. plus, to be perfectly honest cancers can be induced from various other things and you would have to isolate a community from all other factors to pinpoint just this one. 


Yellowing teeth with children is probably the biggest and most visible problem when it comes to fluoride levels. This yellowing is called dental Fluorosis and it occurs when you indeed have higher fluoride exposure. The fact is that here there may be other issues but water in question and it is the usage of toothpaste, mouth water, foods that come from factories that use fluoridated water and materials that naturally have fluoride in them, as well as other things. This is something that can easily be prevented and it is nothing to be feared. Although these toddlers and young adults may have fluorosis, they still have very healthy and strong teeth and still have fewer cavities and other related problems than those that do not use fluoridated water. 

Weak bones and heart conditions also can’t be tied to fluoride in your water. These are particular diseases that can be partially genetic, partially induced by outside factors. To truly find what caused these problems you would have to put a whole community as a guinea pig, in a bubble without anything else impacting them and try to prove this. The result would still be the same – fluoride can’t cause this.


The conclusion for the article would be to go ahead and ask questions, as you should and as it is your right, but to get the best information possibly go to credible sources that have researches backing the whole story up. Go to go to ADA. Org or any other organization that supports water fluoridation.

Always keep in mind that fluoridation is done in specific amounts that are non-threatening to your health and that they are constantly adjusted. Adding fluoride to water is similar to fortifying other foods and beverages just like you fortify salt with iodine, milk with vitamin D, orange juice with calcium or bread with folic acid. 

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