6 Useful Workflow Strategies to Boost your Productivity

Is your workflow hectic? Are you struggling with your jam-packed schedule? Sorting through piles of paper, spending hours on emails, and sticking to the chair without breaks can be disastrous and frustrating. It can interrupt your smooth workflow and decrease your productivity. But, how do you escape from this chaotic and messed-up work life? Work can be hectic, chaotic, and frustrating, but you have got to do what it takes to drive progress.

You can sort through the same massive piles of paperwork daily and reply to those emails for hours, but without it, it all feels frustrating. How you ask. Here are a few tips to optimize your workflow to make it much easier and less stressful and thus boosting your productivity.

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Difficult ones first


Don’t attempt overachieving. You can’t do all the tasks in a single day. Learn to prioritize. Analyze at what time of the day. Your energy levels stay highest at the beginning of the day. Hence you can focus on difficult tasks that, otherwise, become complex tasks.

Once you are done with the difficult tasks, you can divert your energy towards smaller and other less important tasks. To make it even easier, try making a to-do list or a priorities list to prioritize difficult to easy tasks or according to the work importance, deadlines, and urgency. Work according to your list and never miss deadlines so that you don’t have to stress at the last minute.

No multitasking


Multitasking might make you sound and seem cool, but it is not everyone’s cup of tea, especially when it comes to your work and stable productivity. In a short span, it may seem like you are doing a lot of work, but for a longer duration, it may be obstructing your workflow. When you attempt to divide your mental and physical energy into multiple tasks after a few days, it may bring overload to your brain, killing your productivity. Switching back and forth between multiple tasks can lead to confusion, and you end up doing many tasks but finishing none.

Hence, multitasking may seem lucrative in the near future but does no good other than wasting your energy and creating chaos in your work life. Instead, invest your whole energy in one task and do not let anything else distract you.



Organizing your work-life proves to be profitable in the longer term. It clears all the clutter and reduces the stressful environment. Organizing may seem like an overwhelming task, but once you get a hold of it, you will learn how much energy and time it saves for you. On top of everything, you spend only 10-15 minutes of your daily time sorting through your piling papers, tons of emails and catching up with deadlines.

You can do this at the beginning of the day or at the end of the previous day so that you have an idea of things that you have got to do the next day. Delete or archive resolved mails and divide current and finished paper works. These small tasks will save you from feeling overwhelmed every day. Organizing doesn’t always mean decluttering stuff rather prioritizing your schedule and timing. Try Pomodoro and finish your tasks within your predefined time. This way, you are less likely to waste your time; rather, it saves you a lot more time.

Clear communication


If you are working in a team, make sure all the tasks are communicated clearly, leaving no room for further doubt. Clear communication is the right key to success and getting the work done right without defects and repetitions. It is essential to understand the processes and tasks clearly and explicitly to put in 100% effort and avoid re-doings.

This not only boosts your productivity; rather pushes your workflow on a fast-paced track to meet your deadlines ahead of time. Without clear communication, it is easy to lose sight of the task and the progress made. Timely communication and updates about the project are the next important thing to fast-pace the project and push it towards the goal.

Take breaks


Who said taking breaks disrupts your workflow? It only enhances your productivity. And, what is improved productivity if not for an asset to your project. Regular breaks relieve you from stress and enable you to work with increased vigor. Hence, breaks are inevitable to ensure constant and continued high productivity.

Otherwise, your work seems just like a burden, and you hardly meet your deadlines. And, it only gets worse with each passing day, the last thing you would want in your workflow! A brief break after a prolonged day or small getaway after a long week refreshes you and detoxifies you. You don’t always have to get away to Switzerland or Paris for a break. Small breaks like stretching your body for 5 minutes, taking a tea break, sipping that hot caramel latte after each successful task can go a long way in breaking your monotonicity and contributing to your productivity.

Use collaborative tools


Instead of Email, shift to other workflow managers to decrease interruptions due to emails every 5 minutes. For example, Trello, Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Flock are few wonderful places to carry on teamwork without them disturbing your workflow every 5 minutes. And, you can have all the information in one place to avoid running pillar to post every time you need something.


All this might be a radical shift for you, and you may not be able to cope with it in a single night. But, remember, a castle is not built in a day. Small efforts and consistency can surely take you on a path towards boosting your productivity and hence, the much-awaited success that you have been working hard for.

Just don’t forget to remind yourself to take one step at a time daily towards your goal. It will be difficult in the beginning, but once you master the above tips, you can improve your workflow forever.

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