6 Benefits of Digital Signage For Workplace Communications

The bigger the company, the more complicated the communication between employees because there are so many people involved. However, even when it comes to small or medium-sized enterprises, employee communication can be difficult if the latest technologies are not used. And this is certainly something that we must not neglect because sharing information between employees is something that is very important for the overall business of the company. The better informed and interconnected all teams are, the easier it will be to perform all tasks.

If there is a delay in sharing information or even completely inefficient communication between employees from different sectors and between employees and management, this will be a big problem that will affect customer experience and even revenue. And there’s no reason for that to happen when you can implement digital signage and ensure everything runs smoothly. With all the digital technology available, don’t rely on the long-outdated bulletin board, which is a tool that is nowhere near as visible as digital signage. Most people don’t even pay attention to what is on a bulletin board. We will tell you exactly what the benefits of digital signage are for workplace communications so you know why you need to implement it as soon as possible.

What is digital signage?


But first, let us explain to you exactly what the concept of digital signage is. It is part of the electronic signage and is all around us. Think only of the last time you were on the street or in a shopping mall. You have seen at least a few LCD or LED screens where you could see various marketing campaigns or read information. These are centrally managed screens that are used for entertainment, marketing, information, and any other purpose you want. When it comes to marketing, the passive audience is the target group, while what interests us in this article is how it affects the workplace. Corporate messages are certainly one of the main purposes as well.

Benefits for workplace communications

1. No delay in messaging


Every employee receives a very large number of messages and emails every day and that is why it often happens that some of them get lost because it is impossible to process so many messages quickly and efficiently. And he will find that lost email in a few days, when it may be too late because the due date will get too close. When you use digital signage, there is no longer any fear that this will happen. On the screens, you will display what is most important, so that every employee will know in real-time what to focus on and will not miss anything important.

2. Meeting room booking


Once upon a time, everyone had their own office, but today when open space is popular, meetings must be held in special rooms called meeting rooms. Most companies have a small number of meeting rooms and then it often happens that you can’t get your turn because several people want to use it at the same time. This can be easily solved by introducing a meeting room booking system, which will work by having the screen located in front of the meeting room. Everyone will be able to book a time when they want to organize a meeting and then you will know exactly when you can use it and also who uses it at a given time if you need that person specifically.

3. Millennials will greatly appreciate digital signage


Although millennials are the last generation to remember the time before technology was all around us, they are still very tech-savvy. And it will be greatly appreciated if the company works to improve communication by implementing digital signage. Also, since they are used to functioning in a digital environment, it will be significantly easier for them to perform all tasks when you provide them with screens everywhere. They are also used to paying attention to social media and the like, so it is clear to you why this is then an ideal communication option for them.

And the generations that come after the millennials practically do not know life without the use of technology in communication, so it is better to implement everything you can as soon as possible because it is an investment for the future. Some future employee who is a member of Generation Z or Alpha will simply not know how to do business if everything is not digitized.

4. Saving time


Each of your employees must spend a certain amount of time contacting their colleague either by call or message. And then if he has to contact a few colleagues, he will lose at least half an hour, maybe more, while he could spend that time on some other task. On the other hand, digital signage makes it very easy to inform everyone about what he wants, spending only a few minutes on it. Every time saving is very important because in this way one employee can perform many more tasks in a day, without working overtime.

5. Increase engagement


Digital screens allow you to do different things, not just convey work-related information. For example, you can tell your employees to share their Facebook feed or some other social media once a week. Here you can also inform about birthdays and all other things, which will significantly improve employee engagement. At we learned that digital signage increases employee engagement 4x, which is a lot. So don’t miss this opportunity to strengthen employee relations, because if there are friendly relations between them, it is a great benefit for your company.

6. Facilitates communication between frontline and non-desk employees


Frontline employees are those who work directly with customers, while non-desk are all those who enable the company to function. Both are necessary, and it is also necessary for their mutual communication to be as easy and simple as possible. Frontline employees often don’t get enough corporate news, while non-desk ones don’t know customer requirements. Digital signage allows both problems to be overcome.


These are the benefits that digital signals bring you when it comes to communication. These are of course not the only benefits, but there are many others such as improved productivity and reduced workplace injuries. So implementing it is a no-brainer.

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