Physical effects of Watching too many Adult Movies

Adult topics, conversations, videos, shows, somehow we got to the point where just by saying the word adult, you can get in so much ‘trouble’ because what comes next after this word depends on how the person or persons you are talking to with are going to react. It is funny how, in a world where diversity is highly celebrated and appreciated, we come to the point where talking about sex and sex-related content is a no-no topic or, even worse, a taboo. All of this should be much easier now, and things and topics like this one should definitely be the ones we can casually talk about with someone. Of course, the proverb “read the room” is also important as not every topic can and is appropriate for each situation, but that’s just common courtesy.

The Internet changed everything


Now, since the technology advanced so much, and video channels, websites, and even apps exist where one can find adult-related content, it is nothing unusual that they are so popular. Namely, today, all that someone needs to do is type a few words, hit the enter, and voila, no matter the fetish, sexual preference, or anything else, you will find anything you may need, want, or search for. But just like with everything else in life, one needs to control themselves, and just like eating too much candy or running for too long may do more harm than good, the same can be said for watching too many adult movies. The adult movie industry is surely the one with the highest growth in the last couple of decades, and the Internet really changed things better for it, as today, no matter where you may be, if you have a stable and good internet connection, everything, even watching adult movies, is possible and available.

When it comes to this topic, many studies have shown that watching too much porn can be harmful, especially for your mental health, but some still wonder whether there are some physical effects of watching too many adult movies. So let’s check some facts and answer these questions.



There is nothing wrong with watching adult movies occasionally, but the problem occurs if the person becomes addicted to it. Watching porn can be really addictive, and it can lead to many serious problems. The addicted person is spending all their free time doing this activity, which does not leave them enough time for social relationships and hanging out with other people. These people are becoming asocial during the time, without friends and other activities that are necessary for a normal life, which can lead to depression and alienation. This addiction does not differ from the one of alcohol or gambling, and it is not easy to deal with it, so in most situations, it is necessary to ask for professional help.

Erectile dysfunction


Erectile dysfunction is one of the problems that men are scared of the most, and many of them do not expect it to happen to them until they get into some older age. Unfortunately, watching too many adult movies can lead to ED at a younger age, and it is manifesting as an impossibility of erection in a relationship with a real partner. On the other side, erection is normal when they are watching porn, and that can lead to serious problems with their partner and self-dissatisfaction. Solving this problem is not an easy task, especially if the partner does not have an understanding of it since the best therapy for it is couple therapy.

Aggression and violent sexual behaviors


Internet brings us a lot of possibilities and options, and today it is possible to find whatever we want online. That means that people with different fetishes and inclinations can find something for them too, and it is available for every person. Watching too much aggressive sex can change a person’s perception of a romantic relationship and make them wish to try something new. Because of that, it can be pretty difficult to find a partner who shares their preferences and is willing to try more aggressive sex, so in many situations, these people are remaining alone for a long time.

Higher expectations


Watching too much porn can increase the person’s expectations, not only from sex but also from a partner. That means that one can expect much different behavior from a partner and try to make them do something that they are not used to. The partner may feel insufficient and inferior, and that can change the whole relationship to worse. In that situation, both sides are usually disappointed, and because of that, it can be challenging to rebuild the relationship and lower expectations.

Considering a partner an object


Adult movies have too many categories, and in some of them, a partner is presented as an object. Watching too many of them can have a serious impact on all current and future relationships. It can change our opinions about partners and make us consider them as objects instead of real persons. That can happen because of the distorted reality and impossibility to see things the way they are, and it usually requires professional help.

The bottom line

So, there it is, everything you may wonder or needed to know about any disadvantages of watching too many adult movies. Some precautions are always preferable, especially if you notice any dissatisfaction or change for the worse in your daily life and particularly your relationship. In the end, we watch these movies because they are fun and because of dopamine which affects the pleasure centers of our brain, but that is no reason to let these movies influence our life decisions, especially with someone special we care deeply for. Now, when we settled that, if you have trouble finding the right website, or don’t have enough time to perform a search on your own, check, and the website that suits your sexual preferences the most, just remember, it’s about fun, enjoyment, and pleasure, so look at it that way.

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