5 Clever Ways to Use Text Short Code Service for Marketing

The benefits of an SMS marketing campaign include brand loyalty, ease of connection and a much higher engagement rate. Plus, it’s fairly easy to execute. In order to use text shortcode services to promote and build your brand, implement the following five clever tactics into your strategy.

1. Value First


When you’ve been given access to a consumer’s smartphone, know that this is an even more intimate form of communication than an email address. Treat this as a privilege that your brand handles with care. Treat this privilege with care by leading with value. You don’t want to simply go in for the sale immediately. Instead, offer value by providing the information you’ve researched and know the consumer could really benefit from.

Depending on the type of business you own, find the consistent pain point of your customer and lead with that as you offer value. Whether it’s a statistic, a question or a conversation starter, present valuable information that will lead the customer to be interested and respond to your call to action.

2. Promote Number on Social Media Channels

As an expanding brand in the digital age, it’s wise to maintain a growing connection with your target audience through the best social media promotions and marketing campaigns on various channels. As you engage with loyal customers and new followers on social media platforms, find ways to consistently present the text short code through your social media promotions so that they’ll be introduced into the list of your text short code service.

Place a short code in the introductory line of the bio. If you maintain a “link in bio” tree, place the shortcode there as well. You can even place the shortcode at the end of each caption of your content. If you go live, share the shortcode to promote different giveaways and other marketing campaigns. Just like you have a website and can easily share it with others, keep the short code as a part of your conversation to easily share on social media.

3. Engage in Conversation


Text messaging is a beloved form of communication because it’s quick, informal and non-confrontational. If you’d like to tap into the consumers who prefer a more informal way of communicating, start engaging in conversation. However, make it a type of conversation that is quick yet personalized. If you’re using artificial intelligence software to communicate with all of your customers, be sure to provide leading messages that help to guide the conversation efficiently until they can be connected with a live agent.

Use features that address the consumer by their name or ask a simple question. Develop a list of conversational questions that can creatively engage with customers to maintain an ongoing conversation. As you make conversation, create a text shortcode that contains the solution to a potential customer issue. By using that shortcode, they’ll be able to get connected to a better deal, live agent or another solution.

4. Avoid Long Messages

The sheer appeal of a text message is that it’s short. Avoid the temptation to send long paragraphs with long threads of words and lengthy website links. Keep everything short in order to avoid a long opt-out list. For a measurable understanding of what short messages mean, try not to make them more than two sentences.

When your message is one to two sentences long, it gives the reader enough bandwidth to understand what you’re saying and take measured action based on your request. Once you’ve gotten a customer to opt-in for a text shortcode marketing campaign, use minimal text messages to connect, share promotions and boost sales. Be sure to always include an option to stop or opt out for a more streamlined list of interested consumers.

5. Lunchtime Connection


Depending on the type of office environment your potential customers are in, they might not be able to use their phones until lunchtime or after work. Lunchtime is a great opportunity to capture your audience’s attention because they’re more likely to check their phones and respond to messages. In order to develop a smart text shortcode campaign for marketing, research some of the best opportunities to capture attention throughout the day.

One of those times is lunchtime. In the middle of the day, you’ll have people who are in a better mood because they’re about to get food or they’re enjoying their food.

Using a text short code service can be additionally impactful when you’re able to track which campaigns worked and why they worked. From the times the text messages hit the respective text threads to the number of opt-ins and opt-outs that happened the previous month, there are so many ways to fine-tune this process for the best marketing results.

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