The Advantages of Short Code Over Traditional Sms

Short code is a strategically optimized method of marketing for a variety of businesses and organizations. This method affords them the ability to pick a short numerical code, as opposed to a traditional phone number, as well as add keywords that will help create a memorable experience for anyone they reach.

One of the biggest advantages of utilizing short code is the fact that an organization can send out a radically higher volume of text messages, which makes it an extremely viable marketing option.

Optimized Numbers and Keywords


Traditional SMS would seem like a viable option, based on the fact that you certainly have the ability to send text messages out to the public. However, the people who receive these messages are going to get a long form phone number that they certainly aren’t going to recognize. The public has been getting bombarded with spam calls and text messages for a long time at this point, which has led to unconscious methods of disregarding.

When utilizing SMS short code, companies can stand out from potential spam that people don’t want to receive and can add a keyword that is going to create a memorable experience. This helps a business differentiate itself and market its brand in a way that is going to stick out.

When a potential customer is sifting through all the text messages they receive from random numbers, having short code with a keyword and a six-digit number is extremely beneficial.

Reaching More Customers


There is always going to be a limit in regard to how many people can be reached while using traditional text messaging services. Marketability with short code is increased simply based on the volume that can be attained by a business that wants to reach as many customers as possible.

Short code has a higher caliber when it comes to volume, which means a business can send out a message to far more people in the general public. Sending a higher volume of messages will lead to higher engagement, which is going to lead to higher profitability for that company.

Although the ability to use a unique number and keyword are advantageous, the simple fact that short code can reach more people is one of its most attractive qualities. Businsses who fail to realize this and incorporate short code for marketing purposes are inevitably going to miss out on customers that they could have retained. The more eyes that land on the messages that are sent out, the more engagement that company is going to receive.

Brand Recognition


Short code has an advantage over traditional SMS in the fact that a level of brand recognition can be incorporated into the marketing strategy. Most companies have an online presence on various social media platforms, which their customer base may visit from time to time. Based on the fact that short code can utilize keywords, businesses can use this to their advantage in terms of brand recognition. They may decide to use the handle of their social media platforms as the keyword connected to their short code campaign.

If a potential customer engages with the text message, there is a good chance they are going to remember this word or phrase, which is most likely going to drive higher traffic to their social media platforms. When done correctly, this can have a major impact on an organization’s marketability. Traditional SMS doesn’t afford a company these options, which will result in decreased exposure when compared to the utilization of short code for marketing purposes.

Traditional SMS will limit marketability and exposure when compared to short code, making this method outdated and potentially devastating to a marketing campaign. Short code allows businesses to pick a short number that is memorable, paired with a keyword that has relevance to their brand, increasing the likelihood that those people who see the message will engage with the company.

Picking the right keywords and number is critical and can have a massive effect on an organization’s marketability, which is why so many companies have moved in this direction. The ability to customize and increase volume of messages sent has made short code virtually essential when it comes to running a successful SMS campaign.

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