5 Common Misconceptions People Have About Nostradamus

Michel de Nostredame is one of the most famous seers that have ever existed, and his words are something that many people use to make the right choices for the future or to just console themselves that better days are coming. We’ve all heard about this person, and no matter if you believe in his words or think that it was just pure luck and subjective interpretation, you probably know a lot about his life and the things that he predicted. Here, we are going to steer away from those prophesies, and we will tell you about some of the most common misconceptions that people have about Nostradamus.

1. He did not have any education

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The first misconception we are going to talk about is Nostradamus’ education. Many people believe that he did not have any formal education and that everything he knew and did was only because of him. This myth is partially true, but it is definitely false that he did not attend any actual school.

When he was 15 he enrolled University of Avignon and he started studying medicine. The problem at that time was the plague, and in 1520 when things became extremely bad, the doors of the university had to be closed for all the students. Since he was not able to continue studying to be a doctor, he spent several years traveling around different countries in Europe and learning more about medicine from the people around him.

About a decade later, after things with the plague got better, he enrolled in the University of Montpellier. He was trying to get his degree, but since he worked as an apothecary during the plague, he got expelled. People believed that being an apothecary is far inferior and that people who are studying to be doctors should never seek a job like that, even if it is to help others. It is still not known if he, later on, finished his education, but he definitely had enough formal knowledge even without a degree.

2. He was only interested in prophecies

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Another thing that many people think is true is the overall interests that Nostradamus. Many people only see him as a prophet, and they believe that that was the only thing that his life revolved around.

He was a well-rounded individual, and he took interest in much more than just predicting the future and talking about all the bad things that are going to happen. He published a cookbook that contained a lot of interesting recipes on how to make a lot of tasty recipes, but he also wrote on how people can protect their health, what to do if their hair is falling, and how to treat decaying teeth. He used his knowledge and formal education to create something that people can use to better themselves.

Even though he was successful in other parts of his life, Michel de Nostredame will always be remembered for his predictions, and on places like this website, you can see what he said is going to happen next year.

3. He could not predict things about himself

When we talk about prophets and psychics, we usually think that they cannot predict their own fate and that if they were able to do this, they would find a way to prevent bad things from happening to them. Even though we sometimes can avoid misfortune, we cannot run away from fate, and sometimes our health will worsen no matter what we do.

Nostradamus lived in the 16th century, and he suffered from gout and arthritis, and at that time, there was no way to manage or treat these diseases successfully. It is said that the night before he passed away, he told his secretary “Tomorrow at sunrise I shall no longer be here”. This turned out to be true, and the next morning, it is said that e was found dead.

4. His predictions were based only on mythical forces

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Michel de Nostredame was interested in astronomy, astrology, and he knew how to connect things from the past and translate them into future happenings. Many people make the mistake of believing that he only had some superhuman power and that he used mythical forces to predict the future.

In reality, his education and knowledge helped him connect things from the past with happenings in the future. He knew how to connect the dots, and he knew that even the smallest thing right now will make a difference ten years from now. He believed that history will repeat itself just like it has always done, and he managed to paint a picture for everyone to understand.

He used a lot of books and the knowledge from people before him, and he managed to get a deeper understanding of what is happening and how it will affect the world hundreds of years in the future.

5. His predictions were only used to help people

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The last thing we are going to talk about is the interpretation of his prophecies and how they have been used throughout history. When he started with his predictions, many people were skeptics and they didn’t believe that Nostradamus will be able to predict things with such certainty.

After some time, and years after his death, pretty much everything that he said became true, and more and more people started reading the books he published and started learning more about his life.

His words were even used in propaganda during World War II, and some of his prophecies were used to persuade people that Hitler will win the war, and there is nothing anyone can do to stop it. Some people interpreted these words in a different way, and they suggested that in reality, Michel de Nostredame actually predicted the failure of Hitler and Germany’s defeat.

His words were used in a lot of different types of propaganda, and they are still used to manipulate large masses by saying that if they don’t choose one side or the other, they are going to suffer just like the great prophet predicted.

These are just a few of the many misconceptions that people have around the life, death, and predictions of Michel de Nostredame. There are many things that he managed to foresee hundreds of years before they happened, but there are still those things that he either did not predict properly, or we are unable to understand the hidden message behind his words.

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