How to Become a Professional Gamer

The ability to earn from something that you really enjoy doing is priceless. Many people in the world have the same dream as you, but only a few are living it. Because being a professional is not a thing that is easy to achieve, many people are quitting before getting the chance to prove themselves.

To become a pro, you will have to determine yourself to sit in front of a monitor and do everything you can to become better and attract attention. This means sacrificing your time to hang out with your close ones and dedicating your time to the games instead.

Although being a pro, and most importantly coming to that level is hard, we have made this article to ease things up. We have prepared a list of things that you should do in order to become one of the few living your dream.

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Stimulate yourself

To become the best you can be, you have to be stimulated and full of motivation. This can be done with the pure will to succeed, or have other factors included. For example, if you find yourself not interested in anything other than playing the game that you like, you are more likely to succeed.

The sense of competition and the will to prove that you are better than others is also a factor that will stimulate you to go further in your career.

On the contrary, if you want to do this because you know how much the pros earn, and how famous you might become, you have greater chances of quitting.

Understand which game suits you more

To become a professional, you have to dedicate yourself to one game. However, to determine which game you are best in, you will have to play a couple of them.

Depending on the character of yours, you might like more shooting games than strategies or quite the opposite. If you are the type of person who enjoys sports, you can try the games with sports involved. That way you can apply your sports knowledge in the game.

Make sure that you understand which game suits your style more, and focus on that game completely.

Talk with other people

When you have understood which game you are best in, you should do the effort and engage in conversations with other people who share your passion. That will help you to get to know certain people, and also learn things that you would’ve to need more time on your own.

If you were wondering where you can find these people, you can try all the forums and sites where gaming is the main topic. Make sure you are nice to everybody because you don’t want to be remembered as a rude player.

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Get the best peripherals possible

No matter how hard you try, and how fast your progress is, you can never reach your full potential if you are playing with peripherals that are not good.

Instead, you should go to the store, whenever you can, and try out peripherals that are working well on you. Since everyone is different, and the preferences differ for every player, you should be choosing an item that is comfortable in your hand but still has the best performance.

Spend time playing

This is the most important thing on this list. No matter how motivated you are, or how good peripherals you have, you cannot become a pro If you don’t spend time playing. Most of the people who are already pro has spent most of their free time becoming a player that is better than the others.

Some people start young, while they are still in school, and some when they are a little bit older. Depending on the period that you start, that is how much free time you basically have. However, make sure that you spend enough of your time becoming better at the game, and learning new things and strategies to beat the others.

Become a top tier player

As much as you play, the better you get and that is a fact. If you have put in enough time, and you have a natural talent for a certain game, you will become a top-tier player quicker.

When this happens, you start playing matches with people who are professional already, and you will attract attention to you. If you have reached this point, you have two ways in which you can push your career on. Firstly, you can share your screen with others, and secondly to find other players and form up a team.

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Consider boosting

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Find teammates

The step that you have to take next is finding other players to form up a team. Usually, if you are being great, and you attract the attention of someone, they invite you to tryouts. That has happened to many players that you see in the major tournaments. They play well against pros in pubs, and they get the invite to join a team full of professionals.

Sometimes, you might have to gather your own squad, and try to achieve something in that way, it will be harder, but not impossible. In any case, even if you don’t achieve any results, you might be invited to another team in the future. Check out Liquid Web’s guide to making a game server to make playing with teammates easier.

Take place in competitions

When you become a part of a team, you have to enter some competitions and try to achieve a result. If you are just starting out, the smaller tournaments are better for you. Because of the lack of strong competition, you will be able to have your confidence up.

Every year there are tournaments where you can qualify to play with the teams that you enjoy watching. Not only that the prize is nice, but the experience and the possibilities that you will get next are definitely worth it.

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Don’t neglect other important things

Having to sit in front of a monitor most of your time has to be well regulated. They strive to become better is understandable, but you have to finish your regular obligations.

Make sure that you manage your time well, and be able both to keep your progress at school or at work and have time to play the game which you have chosen.

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