How Long Does It Take To Grow An Avocado Tree – 2024 Guide

We are all aware of how healthy avocado is, it has a high nutritional value and contains a lot of healthy fats, vitamins and carotenoids. It also reduces the risk of cancer, heart disease and poor eyesight. So, it can bring you a lot of benefits. It is interesting that there are more than 70 species of avocados, some species reach 20 meters. If you want to grow an avocado tree on your own, you need to know what you need to grow it, how to plant it, but also some other important information. Many are not sure how long it will take to finally get an avocado, and you can read more about it below, where we explained the whole process.

The process of planting and growing avocados


To get started you will need at least one avocado, a knife, a few toothpicks, a glass jar or cup and water. When it comes to items, save pots and pebbles for drainage. Of course, do not forget about the ground. That will be needed a little later. Before that, use a knife and cut the avocado into two parts. You need to take the whole seed out of it and be careful. It is very important to know which end of the seed was facing the top of the fruit and which towards the bottom. Then, move on to toothpicks.

You will need 4 toothpicks to stick into the seed. It is important that they are in the same plane and at regular intervals. Take a glass jar or glass of water to the top. Place the seed so that it stands at the very surface of the water. However, do not immerse it completely. Also, try to check the water level daily, and add water if necessary. It takes a few weeks before the membrane separates and the seeds burst. After two months, the seeds will take root, and exactly where they separated, the leaves will start to grow.

When does a plant move into the ground?

After a certain time, the tree will reach 15 centimeters. Then you need to shorten it and thus encourage new growth. Wait for it to reach the same height again and then move it to the ground. Before you do that, prepare the pot. This refers to its bottom, which must contain pebbles in order to provide drainage. It is desirable for the soil to be enriched with humus while the upper half of the seed is exposed.

Avocados are known to grow mainly in tropical and subtropical climates. Of course, it is possible to grow in protected temperate climates and protected cold areas. Depending on your location, choose a certain variety, because they have different flowering habits. That is why it is best to place it next to a window or in some other sunny place.

Avocado maintenance


The soil must always be moist, but do not overdo it with the amount of water. They should also not be too soaked. If you overdo it with water, noticeable changes will follow very quickly. For example, the leaves will turn yellow. Then you need to stop watering. Over time, the plant will thrive, but the seeds will also weaken until they eventually dry out. When that happens, your plant is ready to be transplanted into a garden or larger pot. Our advice is to do it between March and June. This way you will surely avoid too high and too low temperatures.

The plant can reach up to 30 cm in height and if this is the case with your avocado tree, cut off a couple of leaves from the top if you want to get a bushy look. Not only will this prevent it from going too high, but it will also encourage the growth of new leaves. You can also encourage fruit formation by planting trees close to each other. It is an opportunity for them to grow together and pollinate each other. It is important to learn how to properly prune avocado tree and you can learn that if you visit

Plant problems

As with any cultivation, certain problems can occur. These are mostly your plants that destroy the leaves by feeding on it. If that happens to you, don’t worry. It is very easy to get rid of these pests. All you have to do is spray the plant with a hose or a jet of water. Then, make sure you get rid of your plants, use a mixture of water and oil for spraying. This way you will prevent them from coming back again, and check the condition of the plant every few days.

Of course, use this mixture again if necessary. Fruit fly is another type of pest that can lay eggs under the skin of the fruit, and then the worms would hatch and destroy the fruit. There is a means by which you can spray the trees and protect them from flies. You need to do this every week or more often if it has been raining.

Avocado fruit


We can’t tell you for sure that your avocado will bear fruit, but it is possible that it will happen in a few years. However, sometimes you can wait over 10 years for this to happen, and sometimes it won’t happen at all. If you care about getting fruit, it is best to grow more plants at the same time. This will encourage pollination. If you’re lucky and get the fruit, don’t have high expectations. It may not look like the one from the store, because such plants grew in controlled conditions. Natural avocados vary.

Growing avocados in the garden

Choose a place where there is enough sun, the Earth must also be enriched enough, and if there is no clay in it, add gypsum and fork. It would be good to improve the drainage if there is a need for that. When you plant a tree, feed it with fertilizer and use other nutrients. During each year, increase the amount of fertilizer on the annual level, and once a week, water the plant deeply. On other days, use a lot less water.



So, avocado is not only a healthy food but it is also extremely tasty. Best of all, it can be grown at home. All you need is to have basic information about its cultivation and the conditions for that. For a start, you will need a seed that is very easy to reach, and the whole cultivation is a very simple process.

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