How to Apply for a Skilled Worker or Intra-Company Transfer Sponsor License?

If you’re a UK-based organization that wishes to employ overseas workers on a visa, the basic need is that you have a legal sponsor license. But the major issue here lies in the fact that sponsor license applications are rejected in bulk every year if there’s an error. Such errors include failing to present necessary documentation, not paying fees, not responding promptly to the UK home office, not providing adequate information, etc.

Since employing someone on a visa is expensive, you cannot afford to make a mistake in the form. If it is stated incompetent by the authority, you cannot request a license for the same company for the next six months.

However, you can immediately request another license if it is discarded at the initial phase because of inadequate records. Several weeks post the application, and authorities may ask you some questions before approval. Answering them will surely be hectic, but you’ll most likely be declined the permit if you do not present the documentation.

There are many kinds of sponsor licenses out there. But if you want to bring in skilled workers, you’ll require a Skilled Worker or Intra-Company Transfer (ICT) Sponsor License. The good news is that now you can obtain both licenses simultaneously, without any issues.

Everything About a Skilled Worker & Intra-Company Transfer (ICT) Sponsor License?


As the EU’s liberated movement is fading post-Brexit, the course for visas for non-British people who seek jobs in the UK has transformed into a Skilled Worker visa. Every EU citizen who entered the UK post 1 January this year requires a permit for employment. A skilled worker license restricts a foreign national from directly requesting a visa. It means that they must hold an employment offer from an organization founded in the UK.

On the other hand, ICT visas allow businesses to temporarily sponsor their existing overseas staff in the UK. It may either be for training purposes or to fill a vacant position. To be eligible for obtaining this license, the employees must have been working for the overseas entity for over a year. It should be pointed out that an ICT visa is not a way of UK settlement, but the visa holders can switch to the course of a skilled worker when in the country.

1. Eligibility Norms

The competence requirement for obtaining a sponsor license is to present proof that it is a reliable company that works by abiding with the rules and regulations stated by the authorities. It can be obtained by a company that carries out trading practices in the UK.

2. Suitability Norms

The authorities examine whether a business has the capability to meet certain suitability norms: It carries out this operation by taking the following points into account:

  • Ensure if the sponsor has the required staff and hiring plans to complete their future responsibilities.
  • Ensure if the authorities can carry out surprise examinations of the organization’s premises to ensure that it abides by the stated rules and responsibilities.
  • If the company can generate a reliable vacancy to fulfil the demands of the category they require a license for.
  • Ensure if there is any previous record of non-compliance with the rules by the company.

According to the UK authorities, the sponsor benefits from employing skilled migrants. So, they should make sure that the regulations are abided by. It needs assurance that sponsors do not break their trust.

3. Necessary Documents


A company can obtain a sponsored permit by presenting the required documents stated under Appendix A of the immigration rules. Thankfully, the UK authorities have relieved the businesses by allowing them to provide any 4 out of the following 6 documents.

  • Registration certificate of VAT
  • Organization’s recent audited books
  • Liability insurance proof of the operations of the business
  • Evidence of the ownership of the business’ property
  • Employer registration proof with HM Revenue & Custom
  • Current bank statement of the organization

Key Personnel Required for Carrying out the Sponsor Duties:

Certain UK citizens are bestowed with the duties related to the license, such as:

  • Authorizing Officer

Generally, this job is taken by HR or any person who has experience in the recruitment field. They oversee that all the duties regarding the sponsor license issuance are fulfilled.

  • Primary Contact

It is generally a legal representative and the primary end of notification with the authorities.

  • Level 1 User

This job is taken by an employee who oversees the day-to-day responsibilities of the license via an e-portal.

Since the license application can be rejected based on the previous record of the personnel, they must be selected after giving it a deep thought. For further assistance regarding obtaining the sponsor license, you may visit

What is the Procedure for Submitting a Sponsor License Form?

  1. Find an online application form concerning the licensing.
  2. Choose the categories or tiers you want the license for.
  3. Decide the personnel who’ll manage the duties within your business.
  4. Examine if your documents fulfil the necessary requirements.
  5. Settle everything by paying the stated fee.
  6. Send a PDF (including the digital signature of the authorizing officer) of the submission page.
  7. You’ll have 5 days to present the documents in front of the authorities.

After receiving your details, the home office may take around two months to grant you the sponsor license. The important personnel of the business will receive an intimation via email regarding the completion of the procedure. The authorities will issue them the permit, which is valid for 4 years from the time of issuance. After obtaining the A-rated license, a company can even access the sponsor management system (SMS).

Final Words

As the home office regularly undertakes unannounced audits of the company’s premises, it should abide by certain rules. Non-compliance may cause a downgrade rating and even suspension, which will affect your ability to sponsor migrants in the long run. To help you minimize such risks, we’ve prepared this article. It will assist you in obtaining the relevant licenses without any problem.

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