How Do Cats Choose where to Sleep?

Cats are magical creatures, and having at least one of them has plenty of benefits for the owners. It’s really unfortunate knowing that some people have issues with allergies, and they can’t have cats as pets, because they are missing so much love and affection. The cat’s behavior is usually considered cold, but that’s a very common misinterpretation since they can be very loyal pets, and deeply connected with their owner.

There are a lot of interesting things related to how one cat behaves around the person they love most. When it comes to sleeping, they usually choose to share the bed with their owner, or the person who gives them food during the day. Another common spot is the couch or chair that isn’t available most of the time during the day, so they can see it as a challenge and territory to conquer. Even though they are domesticated for centuries, they will choose sleeping spots where they feel protected enough, but at the same time, they want to keep everything in the eye, just in case.

As we all know, wild cats are close relatives to our beloved furry friends that live with us. But, in their natural habitat, they are trying to fight and survive for every piece of food, staying safe, and protecting the baby kitties. The cats we know today went through a long process of domestication, and they are really loving pets, but there is still an instinct in them, that makes them warriors and attackers when they feel like they are in danger. So, if you think that your purring baby is choosing the sleeping spots randomly, you are completely wrong.


Try to monitor their behavior, and you will see that:

  1. They want to be protected, invisible, but still have all the things controlled
  2. They are choosing places that resemble their fur color because they think the danger is near and they have to hide
  3. You won’t see them in their comfortable bed, especially at night, because their natural instinct doesn’t let them sleep tight while it’s dark outside, and the danger is all around
  4. They choose to be near the favorite person, not to feel safe, but to provide protection – because who will give them food if the night monsters eat you, huh?
  5. They choose the warmest and coziest spots of your home because they want to be comfortable, even when they are sleeping
  6. The cats love your smell, and if they aren’t close to you, you will often find them hidden in the wardrobe, around your clothes

Sometimes, they will choose to sleep far away from the owners, and there is no specific reason for that. They only need some space to breathe, and you don’t have to mess with them. The cats have the talent to ignore you a whole day long, but they will still expect coziness and comfort, so you can provide something like a bed or a cozy blanket, and you can learn more here how to do that.

Why I can’t try to find a logical explanation for my cat’s behavior?


Because there is nothing like that, and that’s a fact you should accept once you decide to be a proud kitty owner. They change their behavior just because of the evolution purpose, to stay alive and well. When they sleep in one spot too long, they will leave their scent behind them, and if the predator is near, they can locate the cat and attack them. None of that will happen at your home, but your cat has some instinct that makes them do that. That’s why you will see them moving around and choose different places to sleep, even in the bathroom, or the wardrobe. Also, you have to know that nap is not the same as deep sleep, and they don’t feel the urge to choose different spots for naps, because they are anyway half-awake.

Some things in a cat’s behavior come naturally, and if they were able to talk, they won’t have a logical explanation of why they are doing something. They won’t explain why they throw things away, why enjoy digging in the litter, or drinking your coffee, when they have clean and purified water for themselves.

Why they don’t sleep in a cat’s bed?


It may take up to a few years until they fall asleep in the bed for the first time. Until then, they consider it as a playground, and they won’t set for one spot in the home, because of the scent thing we talked about. You will often see your fluff “making dough” with the cushion, or only napping for a few minutes there, but you can’t expect that they will use it every night for sleep.

Almost every cat owner has a funny anecdote related to their cat’s behavior, especially when it comes to sleeping habits. They will more likely choose a cardboard box instead of a cushioned pillow, and the reason for that is the chance to hide behind it. So, you can give your cat some privacy, instead of buying expensive beds that they won’t use.

The spot they choose reduces the stress level because the cats are known for their ability to collect the negative energy and make the owners cope better with stressful situations. And they really need to take some time off and have a nice and deep sleep, so they can reset their instincts, and dedicate their strength to survive. Once again, they are aware that they are completely protected at your home, but they can’t go against their natural urge to check that fact and confirm it.

But, if you see that your cat is setting in one spot, you can do your job, and ensure it’s clean and comfortable all the time. Keep in mind that they recognize their favorite things mostly by smelling them, so don’t remove completely their scent. And, be sure that your kitty is thankful it is with you, at your home, protected from every possible danger that can come at night.

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