Things To Know Before Getting A Pet Chameleon

A chameleon is an interesting and exotic pet to have, but before you bring one home, you need to be absolutely sure you know what you’re getting into.

Many people would love to own an exotic pet. However, it is imperative that you know exactly what is involved in owning an exotic pet before you consider bringing one home. These pets, be it an amphibian, a reptile, or a bird, require very specific care. Chameleons are no exception. Beautiful and playful, they are a highly popular choice for an exotic pet, more popular than lizards or snakes, as they move about quite a bit. These cute little reptiles will climb all over you if you let them, but you need to know how to keep them healthy and happy. Here are a few tips for you in case you are considering bringing a pet chameleon into your home.

Trees Are a Chameleon’s Natural Place


In case you didn’t know, chameleons belong to the arboreal species, which means they are meant to be living in the trees. Chameleons have unique hands that are two-prong, making it easy for them to climb on branches and sticks. This makes them natural climbers. This is why you need to ensure that you provide a space for them where they can do what they like to do, namely climbing.

The first thing you need to ensure when setting up the living space for your pet chameleon is to have ample space for it to move around. You need to replicate the arboreal area that is their natural habitat as much as you can by implementing foliage, branches, and leaves, among other things. If any animal is put in an environment that does not fit its instincts, it is likely to be stressed out. The good news is that it is not difficult to replicate a climbing-rich space even though the terrarium might be small.

The Temperature of the Terrarium Needs to Be Regulated


Chameleons are ectotherm reptiles, which means they are cold-blooded. Their body temperature, unlike humans, is externally controlled. This means their mobility and energy are greatly influenced by the temperature of the environment they are in. This also means that if you keep them in a space that has a lower temperature than they are used to, their mobility might become impaired.

You need to keep reptiles in a warm space that suits their body chemistry. In order for them to function as nature intended them to, the terrarium should be kept at a warm temperature. This is why some people place heat lights inside it. A little advanced research will tell you exactly what type of light you will need to keep the terrarium at the correct temperature.

The Dietary Needs of Chameleons


You may have seen images of chameleons munching away happily on leaves, but the reality is that the primary diet of chameleons is made up of insects. Mealworms, roaches, and crickets mostly make up this diet, and you need to be able to collect these on a regular basis. You must also be able to refrigerate them properly and endure the sight of your chameleon eating them alive.

Most seasoned chameleon owners are well used to all these situations, but many new reptile owners might find them to be slightly unsettling. So many owners resort to limiting their chameleons to a vegetarian diet, which ultimately warrants a trip to the vet as the chameleon becomes undernourished. This is why you need to be sure that you are willing to take on the undertaking of feeding insects to your chameleon. Topflight Dubia Roaches can be your go-to place for reliable nourishment for your reptile.

Chameleon Use Leaves to Drink Water


Water is the most essential ingredient needed for life, and every living creature has to find some way to drink water. In a similar way, chameleons sip off droplets of water that form on leaves. So the best way to keep your pet chameleon hydrated is to provide a mist inside its terrarium or sprinkle some water in the cage from time to time. Chameleons naturally drink water in this manner, so it’s the best way to provide it.

Chameleons Are Loners


Chameleons like to be alone as they are mostly solitary creatures. So when you are getting a chameleon as a pet it’s best to let them live alone. You might think that any animal would prefer to be in the company of other similar animals, but chameleons can actually get quite aggressive if you put them together. If you are thinking of getting multiple chameleons, don’t go over two, and make sure you arrange a large space for them to live in. However, you should do this only as a last resort, as chameleons get very stressed out if they have to share their space.

A Chameleon Bred in Captivity Is the Best Choice


Every animal has a unique temperament, and chameleons are prone to stress. They can get overwhelmed easily if they are placed in a new environment around people that are unfamiliar. This is due to the fact that they don’t do well in captivity. So if you want to get a pet chameleon, the best option would be to get one that was bred by expert exotic pet breeders in captivity. This way the pet’s transition into life inside your home will be smoother as it is already used to captive life.

Bringing a chameleon home can be quite an undertaking, but things will go smoothly if you follow the tips mentioned in the article. This way you will get to enjoy their company and admire their beauty without encountering any challenges.

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