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Elementary Season 8 – Review and Release Date 2024

An amazing series that is full of mystery and crime, these words perfectly describe Elementary. With Sherlock Holmes and his brilliant mind, this series is a big hit. If you want to know more about it make sure you read till the end.

A Peek Into The Storyline


The series revolves around the well-known and famous Sherlock Holmes. He has been shown as a drug addict who is trying to recover. While he does so he is also working as an assistant to the New York Police department and helping them solve crimes. His working partner is doctor Joan Watson, she was hired by Sherlock’s father to help him in his recovery from being a drug addict. Later she becomes his partner and starts to solve cases and figure out crimes in the City. The series is shown to be like a modern version of the famous Sherlock Holmes, in this series he is living in Manhattan and has a really good father who deeply cares about him and his well-being.

All seven seasons are full of mysteries that Sherlock and his team solve together. Every episode has suspense and several other emotions that will make a person sit on the edge of the seat. His team also includes a detective called Marcus Bell he is known to have extremely sharp skills and an amazing sixth sense intuition. In the initial episodes of the series, Sherlock uses some of his unorthodox methods which might have hampered his career but later Bell realizes that he has skills.

Casting Choices We Can Expect

As there will be no season eight we are not sure about the cast that we can expect but if it is ever recreated we will be able to see the main character of Sherlock Holmes played by the famous Jonny Lee Miller. We might also see doctor Jane Watson played by Lucy Liu and Captain Thomas of the NYPD played by Aidan Quinn.

When Can We Expect The Release


The creators said that the seventh season will be the final season of the elementary. It was Air on the 23rd of May in the year 2019 and by August 2019, it was over. Some rumors suggest that Season 8 will also come but there is no confirmed information from the producers. Fans are eagerly waiting for more episodes.

Things You May Want To Know About Elementary

Right before the series was released several people criticized it because they claim that it is a copy of the real Sherlock Holmes and it should not exist.

Some of the scenes were shot at the silver cup studios, and some were even filmed in Harlem as well as the Queens.

The producers had struggled a lot for the role of Liu, she was cast in the end moment. According to her, the role was not somebody who’s on the sidelines but she is an important role as she will be engaged with the main role and all the mysteries along with it.

Summing It Up


Sadly season 7 was the last and the final season of the series but never lose hope we might be able to get another season. This series has gained more than a hundred thousand fans and several hearts.

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