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How It Ends 2 – 2024 Storyline, Cast, Dates, Facts

David Rosenthal brought How It Ends to the table in 2018. The adventure fiction was distributed by Netflix. The first installment shattered most of the records after its release and became a center point for everyone who watched it.

Those who had not watched it made it their priority to give it a shot. It didn’t disappoint and now the wait for its second installment has crossed all boundaries.

In this article, find out when the second installment will be released and what we can expect to happen in it.

A Peek Into The Storyline


Will is on his way to meet Samantha, his to-be-wife who is carrying their baby, and seek the approval for marriage from Tom, her father. He takes a stop to call her. The adventure starts when Sam’s call gets disconnected while talking to Will.

Both of them remain clueless as to what happened and why they call got disconnected. When they are unable to reconnect, Will decides to find out the reason. During his search for the answer, he finds out that there has been a power disruption that has led to the failure of the electricity and telecommunication network.

He somehow manages to reach her parents’ house and explains the matter to them. Tom, after hearing what happened, decides to join Will in his quest to meet Samantha. Both of them drive and meet Ricky during their journey. The trio then heads out for the adventure.

Will and Tom do not get along, at least that’s what Will understands until they start bonding during the journey. The trio faces several robbers & gangs and always makes it out of the tough situation. But one horrible incident takes Tom’s life and forces Will to continue the journey all by himself.

The Cast


How It Ends has an artistically brilliant cast. It stars Theo James, Kat Graham, Forest Whitaker, and Grace Dove in the roles of Will Younger, Sam Sutherland, Tom Sutherland, and Ricky, respectively.

The main cast is lined up with several amazing actors who have played the side roles in a way that it becomes difficult to segregate them from the main characters.

When Can We Expect The Release


The first installment ended with ambiguity and made it obvious that there would be a second installment. It has been nearly three years and there has been no official announcement; however, various sources are expecting Paul Schiff Productions and Netflix to release the second installment by the end of 2024. There has been no official date but the expected deadline of 2024 seems to be enough to calm the fans for a while.

Things You May Want To Know About How It Ends 2


The audience showered their love on three characters namely, Will, Samantha, and Ricky. The actors who played these are expected to reprise their roles in the second installment. The storyline for the second installment is expected to revolve around Will and Samantha exploring the reasons for power disruptions together.

Summing It Up

Netflix was a proud distributor of the first installment and it is expected that the OTT platform will distribute the second installment too. Do keep an eye to catch the second installment on time.

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