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Strong Girl Bong-Soon Season 2 – Review and Release Date 2024

This Korean TV series is one of the highest-rated South Korean television series. It’s the storyline and the lead characters which have caught the viewer’s eye.

A Peek Into The Storyline


The protagonist of the show is a young woman. The story revolves around Do Bong-soon. She is a superhuman and was born with supernatural powers. She has inherited these powers from her ancestors. She desires to design a video game in which she would be the main character. Do Bong is an independent woman who feels that she has the responsibility of protecting the people of her town. At the same time, she wants to be an elegant and mature lady.

Do Bong’s crush is Guk-doo. She does break the norms of society and goes on doing a job that is not suitable for a woman. This factor makes the TV show a favorite amongst the youth of South Korea. The show breaks the monotonous ways of society. She works as a bodyguard for a wealthy businessman Ahn Min-Hyuk. He has inherited his wealth from his grandfather and is the CEO of a gaming company. He was impressed by Bon-soon’s fighting skills especially when she fought a gang of robbers.

Bon-soon’s district is under threat and so is her best friend. Do-Bong is ready to save the day. There have been a series of kidnapping cases in her town. Min-Hyuk trains and helps her control her strength. She learns many techniques which help her become a stronger and better fighter. Min-Hyuk and Bon-Soon’s relationship grows as they start working together. The show is filled with humorous instances and many romantic scenes.

Casting Choices We Can Except

The lead characters of season one would also be seen in season two. Park Bo-Young plays the character of Do Bong-soon. Do Bong is the protagonist of the show and is a girl with superpowers. Park Hyung-Sik plays the character of Ahn Min-Hyuk. He is a rich man who has satisfied his wants but he conceals his pain under his smile. Ji Soo plays the character of Guk-doo. He is a policeman who is an expert in solving mysteries.

There are many side characters as well like Do Bong-Ki, Hwang Jin-Yi, Do Chil-goo, Secretary Gong, Ahn Chul-Do, Ahn Dong-ha, Lady Shoon-Shim, and Jung Mi-Hwa.

When Can We Expect The Release

The viewers are anxiously waiting for season two. The makers of the show have yet not disclosed the official date of release. The show makers have started working on the script and will soon start shooting season two. Season one ended in 2017. The shooting of season two will start in 2024.

Things You May Want To Know About Strong Girl Bong-Soon

The show makers have been nominated for prestigious awards. The makers have won the Seoul award under the category of Popularity. The protagonist of the show aka the lead character Park Bo-Young has won the best actress award.

Summing It Up

The show is a must-watch. It represents the changes which society needs to adopt. The female superhero is idealized by the young girls. The show has amassed a huge number of followers in the US as well.

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