Awesome 30th Birthday Party Ideas For Men

It is known that this birthday is a turning point in everyone’s life. After you turn 30, you will start to feel different or more mature, determined, etc. That is why you will feel like you are really an adult that day, which is why it is important to celebrate this event in the right way. That means an unforgettable pastime that you will get if you design a party from start to finish. It may be a little easier to impress men, because they are generally not as demanding as women, but they are quite simple with requirements.

However, this does not mean that your idea does not have to be authentic. It is desirable to design something fun, unusual and something that will appeal to the person for whom you are preparing a party. Whether it’s you or you’re preparing a surprise party for a friend, read some cool ideas below. We are sure that some of them will inspire you.

1. It’s all about him


Of course, every person feels this way whose birthday is being celebrated. However, try to spice things up by choosing a suitable theme. Show him that he is in the center of attention, and you can do that in several ways. In the end, every man considers himself a legend, even if it was only in his mind. Help him one day a year to see it all, and we have one great idea for that purpose. For example, make fabric tapestries and make a shiny background.

The Man, the myth, the legend is an inscription that should be on every free surface. These can be glasses, napkins, plates, T-shirts, tables, balloons, photo booths and everything else that is available. Choose a striking design that will leave everyone breathless, but also emphasize the inscription that is of key importance. The making process is very simple, because all you need to do is adjust the size of the design to each item, and then you can print it.

After the party is over, you might top it off with a great night. If you put on some sexy lingerie including crotchless panties that you can get from, it will be a night to remember and the perfect ending to a perfect day. He will remember his 30th birthday forever.

2. Hire strippers


Choose “something very special” and that, no less, no more, than a striptease show. You will never regret this choice, because there is no man who does not like good striptease. This is especially desirable when there is a great atmosphere such as at big parties like 30th birthdays, bachelorette parties and similar events.

You can also opt for a private dance, we are sure that the celebrant will remember this evening long after the performance. The professionals you hire always look great, have a variety of costumes and can bring the atmosphere to a boil. Today, this is one of the components of any good party. If you don’t believe us you should hire hot strippers just check and see for yourself.

3. Party games


If you are someone who is in the mood for different activities, then it is best to design one active evening. These should be well-designed activities in which everyone will participate. It is also important that they are not boring, but also that they do not last long. Don’t blindly stick to the schedule, because it can be too hard, which means that the mood will subside very quickly. Our advice is to consider games that include alcohol, dancing, associations, fun conversations and similar things.

This way, you will all be equally active, but without pressure. In that case, you will achieve a very relaxed atmosphere in which everyone will have fun. Some of the more popular games are Tic Tac Toe Beer Pong, Saran Wrap Party Game, but also poker, darts, or even fun board games.

4. Great Gatsby theme


If you want to feel special and important, then consider a more sophisticated variant like this. This plan will never go out of fashion, and there are many different styles that you can use. We are sure that everyone likes the idea of ​​dressing up nicely, drinking champagne and dancing on the table.

Don’t forget that there are a large number of different invitations in this style. You can find a million ideas online that you can tailor to the details of your entertainment. Our advice is to dedicate yourself most to arranging the buffet because that is the focal point of your decoration. This can also be a background for a photo booth. Order various props that will complete this evening.

5. Going back in time


When we talk about going back in time, we mean going back to the childhood of the person celebrating the birthday. Since this birthday is considered a turning point, try to show his journey from a boy to a mature man with pictures and other details at the party. This is a more emotional variant that will definitely soften and entertain. You can also include many funny events from childhood that were recorded by the camera and similar things.

You really have a great selection of options, all you need to do is be creative and know the person you are preparing the party for. For example, use photos of a person at different stages of his life. You can use photo collage, personalized photo banners and various templates for this purpose. Design ghost inscriptions and adjust the colors to the whole idea. Fortunately, there is plenty of material available that you have at your disposal, as well as design ideas. Check on Pinterest and similar places where you can find props for an event like this.

Match colors, text and fonts and we are sure that everything will look great together. Everyone likes to look at their childhood pictures, but also other people’s. For example, you can place a series of photos in the outdoor space, which will be the entrance to the party for the 30th birthday. Many friends did not even see some pictures, which means that everyone will be focused on what is happening.


In order to mark this event in the right way, you need to design something special. We’re sure we’ve given you enough material to come up with something creative and fun. Although men’s parties are generally less formal and do not contain many decorations and details, it does not mean that you cannot create an unforgettable atmosphere.

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