The Myths and Realities about Gambling

Every 8 out of 10 people in India gamble at least once a year. More and more Indians are interested in casino games and online betting to avoid India’s brick-and-mortar gambling regulations. It is a real possibility that shortly, if the gambling laws in India change, India could become the prime focus for major online casino operators. And when this happens, you should be ready, so today we will be talking about common myths and realities about gambling.


Most of the myths involving gambling come from a lack of knowledge and superstitions. In the next few minutes, we will be debunking some of the myths and giving you facts.

1. Online casinos are rigged


This myth is one of the most widespread. The vast majority of people think that online casinos are rigged and are preventing players from winning. This myth has evolved because people don’t trust machines, and unlike in land-based casinos, in online casinos computers do most of the work while you gamble.

Most of the online casinos are not rigged, some casinos are shady but you can easily check this before playing. Just google whether the casino has any licenses before you put any money on it. Legit casinos use the Random Number Generator (RNG) technology in their games. Like its name suggests, this technology uses random numbers to determine the outcome of casino games. RNG is fair, secure, and incalculable, it gives a random result every time.

2. When it comes to casino games, it’s all about luck

This myth is based on another myth that if you are lucky you will win playing casino games, and if you are unlucky, you do not stand a chance.

The truth is that gambling games fall into two categories. The first category is called „soft“ games, these are games that are mainly based on luck. The second category is „skill“ games, as the name suggests these games for the most part focus on players’ skills. When we say skill, it means that a player’s decisions affect the outcome of the game to a certain degree. On the other hand, players cannot influence the outcome of luck games.

In theory, if you develop certain skills, you will have a chance to be profitable at games like blackjack or poker. The important thing is to realize that even if you use correct strategies, sometimes you will lose. Why? Because even casino games of skill have a certain element of luck. But don’t worry: if you make the correct choices and play for an extended period (months and years) you will make a profit.

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3. The law of large numbers


The law of large numbers, also called The Gambler’s Fallacy, is an idea that suggests that the more trials you have, the closer you get to predict the outcome.

Some players believe that if black was the result on the roulette wheel 10 times in a row, it is more (or less) likely that the next outcome will be black. Other players think that now it’s time for the ball to land on red. Well, we have to disappoint these kinds of players, no one of these concepts is correct. Why? Because the game of roulette consists of independent events. Every spin of the wheel is an independent event and does not have anything to do with the previous spin.


Let’s be honest, most people prefer  a good myth to an ugly reality. But we have to be sincere to our readers and put gambling facts out there.

1. Gambling is not a problem most of the time


The first fact that we have to put out there is that 92% of people who gamble do so without experiencing any problems. There is a negative connotation associated with gambling, thanks to the way that the gambling culture is presented in movies and TV shows – gambling means trouble.

This is simply not true, statistics show that 9 out of 10 people gamble without experiencing any issues. People gamble to relax and have fun, to turn their thoughts from everyday issues and concerns. Online casinos even have policies that prevent compulsive gambling.

2. You can’t always win

Well, this is true and not true at the same time. It depends on the games you are playing, a good rule of thumb is: you can’t win in the long run if you play against the casino, but you can win in the long run if you play against other players. For more information check

You are probably wondering, how can I play against other players, don’t all players play against the casino? No, there are some table games where players play against other players like poker. Many poker players have made a living beating other players in cash games and tournaments.

3. Gambling can make you happy


The truth is that while we gamble our body lets out certain body chemicals and hormones that make us feel pleasure and excitement. Even if you were losing all night and won at the end, let’s say only to cover half of your losses, our body will release dopamine and make us happy the same way as if we made a profit. This is why most people gamble because they are guaranteed to feel excitement and pleasure no matter the outcome.


You now know more about gambling myths than most of the players. However, remember: no matter what type of games you decide to play there will be some element of luck in them. Only play with the money you can afford to lose, stay as rational as you can, and take regular breaks. Until next time, good luck at the tables!

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