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Arnab Goswami Salary and Net Worth 2024

The one and only Arnab Goswami is a man known all across India, and for a good reason. He stood against corruption, and he didn’t stop until he was heard. You undoubtedly know who we are talking about, and you must have watched news media with Arnab.

But with what else are you familiar with him? Do you know something more about his career or his education? And what about his personal life, his relationships, and affairs? We bet that you don’t know it all, but you want to know it. And because of that you should stay with us, and read this article until the very end.

We will talk about Arnab’s life, education, career, and something exciting about his salary and net worth. You must want to know how much Goswami earns as a TV personality in India, and we are going to give you that information.

Who is Arnab Goswami?


Arban Goswami is someone you can’t ignore. He is a journalist, TV personality, News Anchor, Editor-in-Chief, and even the Managing Director and Co-Founder of Republic TV, an Indian news station.

He was born in 1973, on October 9th, in the state of Assam in India. Goswami got his bachelor’s degree from Hindi College Delhi in India and a Master’s degree from St. Antony’s College in Oxford.

He always wanted to fight evil and corruption, and because of that, he created Republic TV with an idea to work until it becomes as good as BBC or other top-notch media.

He managed to do a lot in his career, and he started only as a reporter. He started his career in The Telegraph in Kolkata. But many years later, Goswami is now one of the highest-paid news editors.

Many people across India and around the world share the opinion that he is one of the best at this job, and that’s why he won many awards and has many achievements in his career.

He won Society Young Achievers Award for Excellence in the field of Media in 2007, Ramnath Goenka Award for Excellence in Journalism TV that was given by the Indian Express Group in 2010, and the Assamese of the Year Award in 2010 by News Live as well.

Arnab writes books too, and his first one was published in 2002. The title was Combating Terrorism: The Legal Challenge.

Goswami is married to Samyabrata Ray Goswami.

Net Worth of Arnab Goswami


It’s unbelievable, but it’s true. The net worth of Arnab Goswami is estimated to be around Rs 1,300 Crore. His net worth increased significantly in the past few years when he co-founded the Republic TV. But nothing is strange about that when only in the first week of streaming the Republic TV had 2.1 million views. We believe that Goswami will earn even more money because of that, and he will stay one of the individuals that pay the highest tax in India. And there is no doubt that we will hear the iconic “The Nation Wants to Know?” for many years to come.

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