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Anjana Om Kashyap Salary and Net worth 2024

One of India’s most famous female journalists is unquestionably Anjana Om Kashyap, or should we say AOK. You could see her, and you probably did on Aaj Tak. She is known for the debut show Halla Bol which she hosts.

We’ve prepared a great article about Anjana Om Kashyap for all those curious souls out there that would like to know more about her life, and most of all, how much she earns and what’s her net worth.

The Life of Anjana Om Kashyap


This outstanding woman was born in 1975, on the 12th of June. She was born in the state of Jharkhand, India, in Ranchi.

She went to Jamia Millia Islamia, and Daulat Ram College, Delhi School of Social Work, and also Delhi Public School, Ranchi.

Interestingly, she wanted to be a doctor, and she even did some preadmission tests, but she wasn’t able to pass them. But who knows why that is good, because of that today she is a top-class reporter.

Today she is married to Mangesh Kashyap, an IPS officer. The two of them together have two children. They have a son and a daughter.

The Career of Anjana Om Kashyap


Nowadays, there isn’t a person in India who can’t recognize Anjana Om Kashyap. She is one of the most successful news anchors in the whole vast India. Everybody knows her style of interviewing her guests, which is fierce and slightly aggressive when it comes to various issues that Anjana cares about.

For her journalism achievements, Anjana won many awards in her career, and she was nominated for many as well.

Anjana won the award for the Best Anchor that was given by the Indian Television Academy. She also got a similar award for the Best Anchor, only this time from ENBA Awards and INWA Awards.

According to National Television Awards, she was also the best reporter of the year, and she got India Today Chairman’s Excellence Awards.

Anjana reported many impressive but also severe and vital events. And because of that, she is appreciated all across the country.

Because of her expertise, we believe that Anjana has a bright future ahead of her and will win some more important awards in her career. She has it all and will have more.

Besides her regular job, Anjana is involved in many NGO’s, and she worked for the resettlement of people in need and child rape victims.

Net Worth of Anjana Om Kashyap


The net worth of Anjana Om Kashyap is estimated to be around 50 Crores, and that is a lot. That’s approximately $7 million. In one month her salary is around Rs. 80 Lakhs INR.

She is very popular, and her news channel also. She has excellent views, and she shows it too. And not to mention that Anjana has a few real estate properties and a few great cars that can be called luxurious, which shows she is wealthy and that her net worth is enormous.

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