5 Best Affiliate Marketing Websites

Affiliate marketing is becoming one of the most popular types of marketing these days, and it has been shown to provide great profits to those who run them. The way this is done is that the websites promote different goods and products, and in exchange, they get a percentage from the earnings. These places are built to provide their audience with more information about specific items, depending on the platform’s policy, and customers’ interests.

There are thousands of these types of websites, and some of them are more successful than others. You can use these sites to learn more about affiliate marketing, to get inspired on how you can do things on your own platform, or to get more information about the best products available on today’s market. In this article, we are going to tell you more about the best affiliate marketing websites, why they are so successful, why they are popular, and why you should choose to collaborate with them.

1. Amazon


There is not a single soul that hasn’t heard about Amazon. It is one of the most popular websites in the world, and there are more than 200 million people who offer this site and choose to purchase products from it every month.

The reason why this is considered one of the best affiliate platforms is the percentage they offer for their associates. You can get up to 10 percent commission on any sale that comes from a link you’ve provided on your site, and no matter if a customer buys a specific product from your link, or they just purchase another item but still come from the URL you’ve provided, all of that will add to your commission. Since this platform offers more than 12 million products, chances are, once people open it, they are going to end up being something, which means, you will be getting money.

The negative side of this is that there is a limited time frame in which customers must buy something using your link. If they don’t make a purchase in less than a day, even if they came from your URL, you won’t be getting a commission. Another negative side is that there are some limits when it comes to payment options, so you need to choose wisely.

2. GoTen

Here we have another really popular platform that millions of users choose every month. On GoTen people can buy goods from many different categories, and no matter if they are looking for items for their home, sportswear, or even tools, they can find it all.

It is really easy to become their partner, and you just need to apply, and if you get approved, you can share the link on your site, and start earning your percentage. You can get up to 3 percent commissions on every purchase, and the tracking will track the activity your referred customers have for up to 3 months.

No matter if you are an influencer, a blogger, if you have your own website or even a store, you can become their partner and start earning your money. If you click here, you will see that there are many benefits from this platform, including recurring commissions, reliable tracking, and performance bonuses.

3. eBay


This platform is another one that is known by pretty much everyone in the world, and they also have millions of customers returning every month to purchase more products. People choose to collaborate with eBay because there is no platform more diverse than this one.

There are not a lot of rules that you need, to follow, everything is pretty straightforward, and no matter how much or little experience you have with affiliate marketing, you can easily set things up. For every new associate, there is twice the commission for the first three months, which means you can make a lot of extra profits. Know just that your earning depends on eBays earning, so the more they earn, the bigger your products are going to be.

4. Sleeping Culture


Even though this platform is not extremely popular all around the world, it offers some great possibilities for those who want to make their money with affiliate marketing. It has been reported that users and associates can earn as much as 5 thousand dollars and this is a great opportunity for beginners and experts alike.

This website is all about sleep and users here can choose if they want to purchase beddings, pillows, or even decorations for their bedroom. Most of the revenues go through Amazon, so you can pick if you want to collaborate directly with Sleeping Culture, or if you want to become one of the Amazon collaborators.

5. Rakuten


The last platform we are going to talk about is one of the most popular ones when it comes to electronics, devices, and tech goods. However, they offer pretty much anything a user could want, and there are millions of products to choose from. It is a well-known site and the best thing about it is that it collaborates with a lot of people, no matter their experience, or knowledge when it comes to affiliate marketing.

This is one of the most trustworthy and transparent platforms, and users only have the highest ratings and best opinion when it comes to collaboration. You can promote anything you want from the platform, and you will get your money as soon as you earn them.

The only negative thing is that it may take you a lot of time to set everything up, since you need to apply for every brand you want to link to your website, and this process may take some time. You also may need some time to figure things out, as sometimes the rules are not too straightforward.

These are some of the best affiliate marketing websites you can find on the internet. No matter which one you choose to collaborate with, you are going to have a good experience, and you can potentially earn thousands of dollars from them. Choose the right one for you depending on the percentage they offer, the goods, your website, and your customers. Once you start collaborating with them, you will witness first-hand all the benefits that come from this program.

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